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Connecting to Data

Zoomdata can connect to a wide array of data stores—from modern databases such as Hadoop, Search, Streaming, and NoSQL, to traditional sources like SQL-based stores. By default, your environment comes pre-configured with certain connectors enabled. However, additional connectors are available. If the connector you are looking for is not shown, it may be because:

Certain connectors require a JDBC driver, which is obtained through a separate download. This allows you to select and add a driver that meets your operation needs or policies. The following connectors require a JDBC driver to be installed before configuring and connecting can occur: Aurora, Amazon Redshift, MemSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SAP IQ, and Teradata.

To connect to a data store and use its data in a Zoomdata chart, you must first create a data source configuration for it. See Managing Data Source Configurations for more information.


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