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Connector Properties

Zoomdata's architecture enables the deployment of Zoomdata's data connectors as standalone components running in their own process space. Each connector has its own dedicated connector server and a corresponding property file. Some properties are common to all connectors and some properties are unique to a specific connector. The properties for each connector are documented in the property files.

The kinds of configuration properties found in these files include:

  • logging properties
  • actuator properties (Spring Boot management endpoint configuration)
  • data source connection pool properties
  • data source-specific properties
  • Kerberos configuration properties (for some connectors)
  • service discovery properties
  • tracing service properties
  • other connector-specific properties.

The connector property files have names in the following format: edc-<connector>.properties. The following table lists these property files and identifies the associated connector.

Connector Property File Name
Amazon Redshift edc-redshift.properties
Amazon S3 edc-s3.properties
Apache Drill edc-drill.properties
Apache Phoenix 4.7 edc-phoenix-4.7.properties
Apache Phoenix Query Server 4.7 edc-phoenix-4.7-queryserver.properties
Apache Solr edc-apache-solr.properties
BigQuery edc-bigquery.properties
Cassandra over Presto edc-presto-0.132.properties
Cloudera Impala edc-impala.properties
Cloudera Search edc-cloudera-search.properties
Elasticsearch 5.0 edc-elasticsearch-5.0.properties
Elasticsearch 6.0 edc-elasticsearch-6.0.properties
HDFS edc-hdfs.properties
Hive edc-hive.properties
MemSQL edc-memsql.properties
Microsoft SQL Server edc-mssql.properties
MongoDB edc-mongo.properties
MySQL edc-mysql.properties
Oracle edc-oracle.properties
PostgreSQL edc-postgresql.properties
Real-Time Sales edc-rts.properties
SAP Hana edc-saphana.properties
SAP IQ edc-sapiq.properties
Snowflake edc-snowflake.properties
Spark SQL edc-sparksql.properties
Teradata edc-teradata.properties
Vertica edc-vertica.properties

When Zoomdata is deployed, the initial connector property files are stored in the /opt/zoomdata/conf directory.

Zoomdata discourages changing properties in the /opt/zoomdata/conf directory. Instead we recommend that you copy the files you want to change to the /etc/zoomdata directory and change them there. This will ensure that your changes are not overwritten when Zoomdata is next upgraded. In addition, you can quickly determine what changes you've made to a properties file using diff. For example:

diff /opt/zoomdata/conf/edc-<connector-name>.properties /etc/zoomdata/<edc-<connector-name>.properties

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