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Configuring the Refresh Rate Settings for Live Data Sources

For all live data sources, you can set the refresh rate. The refresh rate is the time interval after which the data source will be refreshed. The refresh rate depends on the time granularity of a field in the data source.

You can configure the refresh rate in the time bar settings on the Charts tab while creating or editing a data source configuration. See Configuring the Time Bar and Search Features. By default, the refresh rate is set to 1.

If you have multiple time fields in your data source, the configured refresh rate will be applied to all of them.

For example, you have a data source with time fields for which the default time granularities are:

  • Date: second
  • Sale Date: day

If the refresh rate is set, for example, to 3 , the refresh intervals for these time fields will be:

  • Date: second x 3 = 3 seconds
  • Sale Date: day x 3 = 3 days

For information about using the REST API to identify and modify refresh rates, see Configuring Data Source Refresh Rates Using the API.

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