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Removing Nodes from a High Availability Environment

To remove Zoomdata nodes (or instances) from a high availability environment:

  1. Run the following command on the instance:

    /opt/zoomdata/bin/zoomdata-consul leave -http-addr=http://<Consul-node-ip>:8500

    where <Consul-node-ip> is the IP address of the Consul used by the high availability environment.

  2. If the instance you are removing will be run standalone, edit the zoomdata.properties and query-engine.properties files to point at a local PostgreSQL data store for that instance. Ensure that the JDBC settings point to the local PostgreSQL and that the user name and password used to access the local PostgreSQL data store are correct in these files. After changing the settins, restart all of the Zoomdata microservices for the instance. See Restarting Zoomdata Microservices.

    If the instance you are removing will not be used at all, you can skip this step.

  3. Edit the consul.json file on all the remaining Zoomdata instances in your high availability environment.

    vi /etc/zoomdata/consul.json
  4. Reduce the value specified for the bootstrap_expect setting by one. This value is the total number of Zoomdata nodes (instances) in your Zoomdata cluster and must be the same value on every instance in the cluster.

  5. Restart the zoomdata-consul microservice on every Zoomdata instance in the cluster to ensure they all pic up the node count change.

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