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Zoomdata Service Monitor Views

The Zoomdata Service Monitor UI includes the following views, each accessible via a menu option in the main menu on the Service Monitor UI page:

Each view is described in this section.

Wallboard View

The Wallboard view provides shows all of the Zoomdata microservice types used in your installation. You can access it by selecting the Wallboard menu option.

The Wallboard view shows how many instances of a Zoomdata microservice are running and the length of time they have been running.

Double-click on a microservice type to obtain detailed information about it. The detailed information available varies based on the microservice type, but may include metrics, health, environment, configuration properties, scheduled tasks, logging threads, audit log, and web mappings and HTTP traces for the microservice type.

Applications View

Select Applications to access the Applications view.

The Applications view also show all of the Zoomdata microservice types used in your installation. It also identifies the instance URLs, and indicates how many instances there are of each and how long they have been running. If more than one instance of a microservice is running, you can expand the microservice type to see the specific instance URLs.

If you click on the URL for the Zoomdata microservice, you will launch the Zoomdata UI.

Journal View

Select Journal to access the Journal view.

The Journal view allows you to review the journal entries for each Zoomdata microservice type.

Downloads View

Select Downloads to access the Downloads view.

The Downloads view can be used to collect a diagnostics bundle for you to send to Zoomdata Support when necessary. See Downloading the Diagnostics Bundle for more information.

Properties View

Select Properties to access the Properties view.

This view allows you to review and maintain the properties for each of the other Zoomdata microservices. It requires that the Zoomdata configuration microservice be installed and started first. See Using the Zoomdata Configuration Microservice to Maintain Application Properties.

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