Embedded Analytics

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics are analytic capabilities seamlessly integrated into other applications to provide in-context reporting, data visualization, discovery or exploration of data within the application, without requiring the user to switch to a separate, stand-alone analytics tool. Embedded analytics may take the form of static metrics and dashboards, or they may allow users of the software to perform interactive data discovery and exploration to gain novel insights that support data-driven decisions backed by verifiable data.

The process of embedding analytics into other software includes data source, security and user interface integration, with the goal of providing a seamless user experience so that business users are not aware when they're interacting with the parent application or the embedded analytics product.

There are two main categories of software application into which analytics may be embedded:

  • Commercial applications developed and sold by commercial software vendors
  • Homegrown or commercial operational business applications used within an enterprise or agency

Embedded Analytics Benefits

The benefits of choosing to embed packaged business intelligence analytics capabilities instead of trying to build them include:

  • Faster time to insight
  • Accelerated development and time to market
  • Lower initial costs compared to diverting internal development resources
  • Reduced ongoing costs for maintenance, upgrades and, support of analytics capabilities
  • Decreased opportunity costs by keeping your development and support staff focused on your core competence
  • Competitive advantage from delivering contemporary state-of-the-art analytics developed by a company whose entire business is focused on that

Data-Driven Analytic Applications

With embedded software, the Zoomdata analytics platform enables application developers to use Zoomdata capabilities to fully customize the presentation of data and visualizations for their customers. You can create a data product featuring interactive visual analytics, an application to support a specific business process, or a portal that delivers data and analytics to partners or suppliers. Regardless of the use case, Zoomdata makes it easy to embed data analytics so that the user experience is exactly what your data-driven application needs.

Our JavaScript SDK, which plugs seamlessly into a developer's standard library of tools, delivers full control over the look and feel of your data-driven application. JavaScript technology enables you to integrate Zoomdata charts or dashboards in your web pages and web apps. With it, you can:

  • Embed a visualization such as a chart with HTML-based controls in a web page
  • Use one chart to control the data presented in another
  • Resize charts dynamically

With tools provided in the SDK, along with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can also build attractive dashboards that display Zoomdata charts in web pages.

The Zoomdata platform also provides a REST API for creating and managing tenants, users, groups, connections, and data sources. With Zoomdata's embedded analytics solution, the concept of a standalone BI tool fades away and embedded visual analytics become a routine part of the user experience.

Data-Driven Analytic Applications

Options for Embedding Analytics

Zoomdata has been built from the ground-up for integrating business intelligence into other applications and provides a range of integration options from light to deep embedding, as well as extending the out-of-the-box capabilities of Zoomdata.

There are four main options for embedding analytics:

1. White-Label

  • Standalone interactive visualizations with your branding

2. Lightweight Integrated

  • Lightweight iFramed-based integration with your app

3. Deeply Embedded

  • Lightweight iFramed-based integration with your app

4. Extended

Options for Embedding Analytics

Embedded Reporting

As greater responsibility for analytics shifts to lines of business, embedding highly interactive reports, dashboards, and mashboards inside business application helps users make faster, more informed decisions. It also reduces pressure on centralized IT teams that often struggle to keep up with demand for new data sources and analyses.

Embedded reporting also allows users to integrate multiple data sources into a single view without requiring ETL or a data warehouse. A typical scenario for embedded reporting would be enterprise risk assessment. Business applications that manage policy compliance, vendor relationships, and incident response access many sources of information. Delivering analytics through these applications, many of which may be integrated with ERP systems, enables users to take appropriate action much more quickly.

Inventory planning is another area in which embedded reporting can pay big dividends. For example, applications that manage networks of wholesale distributors must track inventory on hand, product lines, and individual stores. With embedded reporting, planners can respond immediately to spikes in demand across product lines and foresee potential out-of-stock situations with distributors.

Developing good embedded reporting is a sophisticated undertaking for which many businesses lack the skills or the time. That’s why companies like ClickFox, Markerstudy, and Blue Canopy have chosen Zoomdata as their embedded analytics platform.

Zoomdata Developer Zone

The Zoomdata architecture is designed to integrate seamlessly into other applications. Whether simple white labeling or embedding more deeply into an application via the JavaScript API, Zoomdata makes it easy to:

  • Extend Zoomdata’s native capabilities
  • Embed Zoomdata into your application
  • Access samples and guides for embedding techniques

Visit Zoomdata Developer Zone

Zoomdata was named a visionary in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytic Platforms and a 2016 Gartner Cool Vendor. To read analyst reports and see other resources, please visit the resources page.

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Embedded Analytics

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