Embedded Analytics

Embedding Analytics By White Labeling

Embedding Analytics By White Labeling

Watch this video to learn the uses and limits of customizing embedded analytics through white labeling.

When a third-party software application is integral to the way a business delivers products or services, many organizations want that software to look like its home grown. White labeling is a way to do that relatively simply; and it’s sufficient in many situations. A lot of cosmetic fine tuning can be done with logos, color palettes, fonts, icons, and background images. In combination, these changes can make an embedded analytics blend well with its parent application.


I'm Ryan Haber. I work at Zoomdata with our APIs. I help document them, I help market and sell them, support them with customers, build samples with them. I like to think of myself as our API ambassador.

There's really two uses for software in a company. The one that everybody uses is commodity or utility software. Think of things like your word processing software or your spreadsheet software. Everybody has these. Everybody uses these. And it doesn't really much matter which one you use. Other software, though, is a lot more integral to your business model. Say for instance if you use big data visual analysis software, and you don't just use that as like a one off tool, but it's really part of who you are, especially say if you're selling analytics to customers or if you heavily invest in analytics for your own in house purposes.

Make Third-Party Software Look Like Your Company

In this case, the software isn't something you're gonna be able to just swap out. And because it handles your data, and your data is like your corporate DNA, you really want the software to look like yours, to look like you. And this is where white labeling comes in. White labeling was a practice originally developed to make it so things could be resold -- medicines, records and so on -- so that whoever was actually ultimately selling it could put their own label on the product and cover over the blank white label that had been there.

The Bare Minimum: Changing the Logo

Now, a lot of software has this possibility, especially software that's intended to be like kind of show and tell with your customers. You can almost always change the logo on software. The thing is, though, is that if you're showing off your software, let's say data software and data that it's visualizing, to customers, and that's a big part of your business model, or if you're heavily using it internally, you don't want your customer experience, your employee experience to be the same as the people in the next company over using the same software. You want it to remind them of you. They're part of your ecosystem. So, you need software that's very white labelable, and you also want it to be easy to white label so that, really, the only limit is your imagination and maybe a little elbow grease.

Beyond Logo Changes: Colors, Fonts, Background Images

So, take for granted the ability to change vendor logos. That's a bare minimum requirement. But, a lot of companies, a lot of software doesn't go beyond that. But, you do want something that lets you change the color scheme so it matches your corporate colors, even being able to change fonts, you know? In some situations, a more scripty font or a monotype font just makes sense and fits in better with what you're trying to do with the data, what you're trying to sell to your customers. You want to be able to change icons, background images, login screens, even hide parts that don't really fit what you want to do. Maybe certain icons just aren't needed for your business model.

So, you know, the key thing is that when people are experiencing your software, they should be experiencing, you know--you want to be able to take a screen that

looks like this.

and change it to look something like this.

Screen shot

Embedding Analytics By White Labeling

Watch this video to learn the uses and limits of customizing embedded analytics through white labeling.


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