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Consumption and Exploratory Analytic Models

Consumption and Exploratory Analytic Models

In this video, you’ll see how human-driven interactive analytics divide into consumption-oriented models and exploratory models.

The consumption-oriented model usually involves a small group of analysts producing analytics for a broad group of consumers who use them in the day-to-day operations of an organization. In the exploratory model, analysts or data scientists work with and combine data sets to discover what kind of analytics they can support. At some point, the exploratory model can feed a consumption model. The characteristics of analytics producers and consumers change as traditional BI evolved to modern BI.


I'm Anurag Tandon, VP of Product Management at Zoomdata.  I've spent about 18 years in the BI and analytics space.  I’m here to talk about BI personalities in the modern BI age.

So, we can further subdivide the mainstream track of human-driven interactive analytics into a consumption-oriented model and an exploratory type of model.

The Consumption Model

The consumption-oriented model is typically where a small group of people are producing analytics and then sharing with a much broader set of consumers in their organization while on the front lines and making the decisions.

The Exploratory Model

In the exploratory kind of model, you could have a group of analysts, a small or big group of analysts who are working with different pieces of data that's available in the organization exploring away and combining data from different parts, as well, to produce analytics and then collaborate on it and then produce further insights. And then once the insights are available and in a state where they can be disseminated to, you know, a broader set of individuals, then that's when they do that.

Exploratory Flows to Consumption

And certainly, there is a transition point, as well, in certain applications where the exploratory kind of model moves and the insights that you're developing there kind of flow into the consumption model, as well. So, it'll be useful to understand the characteristics of the producers and the consumers in those two models and what the differences might be in the traditional BI era versus the modern BI era.

Consumption and Exploratory Analytic Models

Learn how human-driven interactive analytics divide into consumption-oriented models and exploratory models.


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