Streaming Analytics and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

This video explains why streaming data and streaming analytics have become such hot topics.

A lot of factors have converged. Cheaper bandwidth. More wireless and smart device traffic. Smarter software. Practical use cases. In other words, the Internet of Things -- IoT. Ovum believes smart devices will account for most of the data on IP networks by 2019.


So, all of a sudden, we're getting a lot of queries about streaming. So, what's happened out there? Everybody's asking about it. What's changed?

Well, what we've had here is really a rebirth, and it's become because of a perfect storm, a number of things. One is that bandwidth has basically become ubiquitous and cheap and fast. Devices have proliferated like crazy. You have all this intelligence out there. And in turn, we have now all these compelling use cases that go with it that could be summed up in one phrase, which is internet of things or IOT.

Growth in Wireless and Smart Device Traffic

And so, what we have basically--Cisco has basically done some studies on internet traffic that kind of shows what we're talking about. And they had predicted that basically by this year--this was a study from a couple years ago--that most traffic would be coming through wireless. That's already happening.

What they're also predicting is that, by 2019, which is not that far off, that most of the data on IP networks is gonna be coming not from networks but from smart devices or embedded devices and that they are predicting that traffic volumes, if you compare it over the five year period from 2014 to 2019, will have tripled to two zettabytes a year, which is kind of a hard figure to kind of get your arms around. But, essentially, devices are eating the internet.

The Internet of Things

Learn why streaming data and analytics have become such hot topics, including cheaper bandwidth, more wireless and smart device traffic, and more.


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