AWS Big Data Visual Analytics

Zoomdata Partners With AWS To Deliver The Fastest Analytics For Redshift And S3

Zoomdata's Blazingly Fast Visual Analytics for AWS

Zoomdata & AWS: Built for Big Data Visualization

Zoomdata is the fastest visual analytics for big and streaming data. Business users today expect intuitive visual analytics in applications and business processes, Zoomdata is the only platform delivering that experience on a modern, distributed architecture in AWS.

How To Get Started On AWS

Getting started on AWS with Zoomdata is easy. Check out the FAQ section below for answers on EC2 memory configuration, best practices for Redshift, Kenisis, S3 and Aurora, trial, support and more.

Zoomdata On AWS 30 Day Trial

Just let us know when you're ready to interact with your own data, in your own AWS environment. We'll help you get set up and an experience sales engineer will guide you through a 30 day trial to make sure your proof of concept returns exceptional value.

The Fastest Modern Analytics Solution For AWS Data Sources

If you’re using any of the modern big data sources on AWS —Hadoop, search, streaming, NoSQL—you want to use Zoomdata.

Fast & Simple

Optimize performance with patented technology that uses the processing power of each data source, and lets you blend multiple data sources with no data movement

Native  Connectors

Connect natively to the largest set of modern data sources - Redshift, S3, EMR, Snowflake, RDS, Kinesis, Spark, Hadoop, MapR, Elastic, Teradata, and NoSQL


Experience intuitive interactive analytics regardless of data source and data type


Secure the analytics environment with row-level security, proper authentication, and continuous auditing

Zoomdata On AWS

Zoomdata was built for big and fast data. We support interactive visualization and data discovery against any size dataset you can throw at us. We're optimized to natively support the widest variety of modern data platforms with no modeling required. Plus, we can be deployed anywhere - in the cloud, on-premises and in a hybrid model. 

Embed Zoomdata In AWS Applications  

SaaS developers can easily embed Zoomdata into applications. By keeping data at the source, Zoomdata inherently supports scale and security requirements.

Visual Analytics For AWS Data Sources

Users interact intuitively with Zoomdata which instantly visualizes real time, historic, and unstructured data. Taking action has never been easier  explore, zoom in, visualize and create dashboards in seconds.

Zoomdata For GovCloudUsers

The Zoomdata AMI can be accessed through the AWS GovCloud interface

Zoomdata Achieves AWS Big Data Competency

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Blue Canopy Makes Big Data Work for Government

Blue Canopy Makes Big Data Work for Government. Using Zoomdata and AWS, Blue Canopy has found a way to make big data projects work for the public sector... and the private sector should listen in.


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Modern BI and the AWS Data Lake

This white paper describes the value of migrating to an AWS data lake, and presents the rationale for a modern BI solution such as Zoomdata to drive analysis and visualize data.


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Big Data Analytics for Amazon Redshift

Zoomdata’s Smart Connector for Redshift has been optimized to take advantage of some of its key capabilities, including real-time updates, data sharpening, and custom query functionality.


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What Zoomdata on AWS Customers Have To Say

We deployed Zoomdata via the AWS Marketplace and setup an automated process that extracted data from G Suite, and loaded it into Spark. With Zoomdata we doubled our throughout and provided our internal users with cool features like dynamically filter the stream and change the aggregation level, as well as pause, rewind, and replay the stream. It’s pretty amazing.

Jason Holloway, Solution Architect, Rackspace

We built a data lake on AWS and chose Zoomdata visual analytics to help transform that data  into insights and actions for our customers. Unlike other modern BI tools, Zoomdata’s unique Data Sharpening and Fusion features help us deliver on data freshness promise to our customers which in turn helps them with selection, retention and performance of guests, employees and franchisees.

Jim Melvin, CEO and Co-founder GuestDNA

The appeal of Zoomdata on AWS is how quickly it lets us create a cloud-based ecosystem with flexible, scalable storage and compute capability, with a range of data management analytic tools. In fact, we were able to activate a Zoomdata instance, and connect it to Redshift within 15 minutes.

Jim McGinn, PMP, Chief Technologist – Senior Director of Cloud & Big Data Analytics, Blue Canopy Group, LLC


Zoomdata recommended instance types are listed below. The M series is optimized for general purpose deployments, while the R series is optimized for memory. If you intend to use the Zoomdata Server’s Spark instance rather than an external Spark Instance, it is recommended that you an R series.

Instance Types


Zoomdata is the perfect complement to an AWS deployment where it’s important to quickly connect to, stream, and visualize your data. With Zoomdata, you can visualize billions of data points in seconds.


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