Zoomdata for Amazon Web Services

Zoomdata: Built for Big Data Visualization

To survive, all companies need to compete on analytics. And doing that today requires navigating a complex and fast moving big data data ecosystem. Zoomdata was purpose built for big data. If you’re using any of the modern big data sources—Hadoop, search, streaming, NoSQL—you want to use Zoomdata. We take advantage of their unique capabilities by connecting to them using native APIs and leveraging their source-specific functionality.

What Makes Zoomdata Different


Zoomdata lets users interact with billions of records in seconds. Dynamic visualizations appear immediately as the complete picture unfolds.


Zoomdata scales easily on commodity hardware in any environment.


Zoomdata enables business users to explore data with row-level security, proper authentication, and continuous auditing.


Zoomdata makes it easy to connect to any data source.

Zoomdata: The Perfect Complement to an AWS Deployment

Zoomdata complements any AWS deployment where it’s important to quickly connect to, stream, and visualize your data. WIth Zoomdata, you can visualize billions of data points in seconds.

Blue Canopy Taps AWS and Zoomdata for Big Data Insights

Take Zoomdata on AWS For a Test Drive Today

Try Zoomdata free for 30 days. At the end of the free trial, your account will automatically transition to paid account.This offer does not include AWS costs. Your 30-day free trial also  includes Premium Support.

Once you have Zoomdata please visit the AWS Marketplace and select your EC2 instance type. The Zoomdata server subscription for AWS has no limits on the number of user accounts, connections to data sources or data volume.

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Hook Up Zoomdata On AWS Today

Save 10% On An Annual Subscription

Through AWS you can purchase a discounted annual subscription to Zoomdata. With prepayment, it’s easier to manage your instances and save money.

Connect Via AWS GovCloud

Zoomdata is also available through the AWS GovCloud interface. For the first 30 days, there is no cost for Zoomdata software. To learn about licensing options, visit GovCloud.

Zoomdata on AWS Support

Learn how to implement, configure and operate the Zoomdata server on AWS. Watch our AWS Setup Guide video or Read the Zoomdata on AWS Documentation for detailed help.

Free Support and Resources

Free support is included during the free 30 day trial. After that, premium support is included with a paid license. Visit support to learn more about our different support options or call sales at (571) 279-6166.

To open a support ticket, visit Zoomdata support, and click on the Contact Support Link.

Instance Configuration

Zoomdata recommended instance types are listed below.  The M series is optimized for general purpose deployments, while the R series is optimized for memory.  If you intend to use the Zoomdata Server’s Spark instance rather than an external Spark Instance, it is recommended that you an R series.

To learn more, download the datasheet or call us at (571) 279-6166.

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Amazon Web Services and Zoomdata, better together.


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