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Zoomdata Partners With Cloudera To Empower Data-Driven Organizations

Zoomdata: Built for Big Data Visualization

To survive, all companies need to compete on analytics. And doing that today requires navigating a complex and fast moving big data data ecosystem. Zoomdata was purpose built for big data.  If you’re using any of the modern big data sources—Hadoop, search, streaming, NoSQL—you want to use Zoomdata. We take advantage of their unique capabilities by connecting to them using native APIs and leveraging their source-specific functionality.

What Makes Zoomdata Different


Zoomdata lets users interact with billions of records in seconds. Dynamic visualizations appear immediately as the complete picture unfolds.


Zoomdata scales easily on commodity hardware in any environment.


Zoomdata enables business users to explore data with row-level security, proper authentication, and continuous auditing.


Zoomdata makes it easy to connect to any data source.

Zoomdata is the Ideal Visualization Tool for Cloudera

With Zoomdata, you can quickly and visually explore data stored in the EDH--reducing time to insight and action.

With Zoomdata on Cloudera, we analyze billions of transactions in seconds. So we can respond almost instantly to quote requests. That means more sales and enhanced service to customers and agents. 

Nick Turner, Markerstudy


Zoomdata is Cloudera Certified

Zoomdata was one of the first certified Cloudera visualization tools, and the results of this collaboration have been dramatic. While legacy BI tools use JDBC/ODBC to query Apache Impala as if it were a relational database, Zoomdata connects to Impala via native APIs and understands the Parquet partitioning scheme.

Zoomdata uses this information to break up single queries into multiple micro-queries and displays a preliminary visualization as soon as the first micro-query returns. The visualization sharpens as additional micro-queries complete.

Combining their strengths in data aggregation, management and visual analytics, Cloudera and Zoomdata created Customer 360. Customer 360 addresses three pain points that virtually every organization faces when trying to improve customer engagement: data siloes, incomplete understanding of customer behavior, and inconsistent metrics. With Customer 360, you can move beyond “hunch-based” marketing--generating increased customer loyalty and greater revenue.

Markerstudy Increases Revenue and Reduces Risk With Zoomdata and Cloudera

See Zoomdata and Cloudera in Action

Apache Impala Data Sharpening

Impala is one of three Cloudera source connectors that Zoomdata supports, including Cloudera Search and Spark. Running on top of Cloudera, Zoomdata employs its micro-querying  sharpening process, which shows results across even a billion rows almost instantaneously. (2:45 Minutes)

Cloudera Search and Facets

This demonstration is broken into two sections. The first describes how Zoomdata supports Cloudera Search and facets. The second explains how Zoomdata connects to data sources such as Cloudera Search or Apache Solr. (4:46 Minutes)

Zoomdata Real-time and Big Data Analytics with Kudu

Kudu makes it easy to perform real-time monitoring and ad hoc analytic queries on the same set of data. It allows developers to build insightful applications against a single data repository with a much simpler architecture that was possible before. Zoomdata natively supports Kudu and provides very fast visual analytics on real-time streaming data and on large volumes of historical data. (3:47 Minutes)

Zoomdata and Cloudera: Spark In Memory Analysis

When it comes to slow performing datasets, Zoomdata levels the playing field with its Zoomdata SparkIT capability. By moving data from sources such as S3 into Spark, users can have an interactive experience with their data. (4:40 Minutes)

Zoomdata and Cloudera: Predicting and Preventing Customer Churn

Retention of the high-value customers has historically been a lagging indicator. However, with more complete data and a deeper understanding of the consumer, some telcos have developed predictive capabilities that identify at-risk customers. Armed with this data, they can develop programs that engage these high-value customers and prevent them from switching to a competitor. (13:57 Minutes)

Consistent, Connected, and Contextual Customer Data Fuels Growth and Loyalty


Zoomdata Cloudera Customer Engagement Solution

The Customer Insights Solution combines Zoomdata’s visual analytics platform for big data with the power of the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH), the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics database. Together, they provide an optimally configured solution for businesses to identify and act on the most predictive customer metrics by analyzing 100-percent of available data.

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