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Zoomdata: Built for Big Data Visualization

To survive, all companies need to compete on analytics. And doing that today requires navigating a complex and fast moving big data data ecosystem. Zoomdata was purpose built for big data. If you’re using any of the modern big data sources—Hadoop, search, streaming, NoSQL—you want to use Zoomdata. We take advantage of their unique capabilities by connecting to them using native APIs and leveraging their source-specific functionality.

What Makes Zoomdata Different


    Zoomdata lets users interact with billions of records in seconds. Dynamic visualizations appear immediately as the complete picture unfolds.


    Zoomdata scales easily on commodity hardware in any environment.


    Zoomdata enables business users to explore data with row-level security, proper authentication, and continuous auditing.


    Zoomdata makes it easy to connect to any data source.

    Zoomdata: Getting the Most Out of Google Cloud

    Power meets speed! Zoomdata delivers a powerful visual analytics experience that leverages the speed of Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery and Dataproc sources. The Zoomdata Server comes bundled with over 30 Smart Connectors, including support for Google BigQuery, Google’s Cloud Spanner,  PostgreSQL and Dataproc as well as many other big data and legacy data sources. Zoomdata Smart Connectors are optimized to take advantage of the performance characteristics of these data sources. By taking the query to the data, Zoomdata can deliver visualizations against billions of rows of data in a matter of seconds.

    Zoomdata’s interactive visualizations have redefined the user experience for accessing and consuming and interacting with data.  A highly extensible framework supports the creation of custom charts and their delivery via browsers or mobile devices.

    vehicle dashboard

    BigQuery Smart Connector

    With Zoomdata, businesses are able to leverage the scalability, performance, and zero-ops management of BigQuery with a Smart Connector that makes it easy to connect, stream and visualize data that is stored in BigQuery. Through a step by step wizard, you can configure a BigQuery connector to take advantage of some unique features within Zoomdata:

    • DataDVR: Pause, fast forward, and rewind data using an intuitive controller that seamlessly transitions between real-time and historical data

    • Secure: Authenticate using services account and OAuth support

    • Visualizations: Display numerous pre-built visualizations, including histograms, pivot tables, and bar charts

    • Support for visual drill-through to full record “details”

    Zoomdata for Google Cloud Dataproc

    Google Cloud Dataproc runs Spark and Hadoop clusters in an extremely fast, easy, and fully managed fashion. Users can be up and running in seconds by accessing the Zoomdata Server VM available on Google Cloud Platform, which works seamlessly with Google Cloud Dataproc.

    Imagine the power of Google's backend--returning billions of search results in milliseconds--connected with big data visual analytics that any user can employ to make decisions on the fly. Zoomdata’s streaming architecture takes queries and analytic questions to the data sources so it can leverage the native processing of modern databases available through Google Cloud Dataproc.

    Zoomdata Smart Connectors for GCP

    Zoomdata for Google Cloud Spanner

    Google Cloud Spanner is the first and only relational database service that is both strongly consistent and horizontally scalable. It provides the traditional benefits of a relational database: ACID transactions, relational schemas (and schema changes without downtime), SQL queries, high performance, and high availability. Cloud Spanner also scales horizontally, to hundreds or thousands of servers, so it can handle the highest of transactional workloads. With automatic scaling, synchronous data replication, and node redundancy, Cloud Spanner delivers up to 99.999% (five 9s) of availability. Zoomdata’s Smart Connector for  Cloud Spanner is available  for testing on Google Cloud Launcher. It supports key data analytic capabilities, including streaming analytics (Live Mode), aggregate analytics (group by), time series handling, and federated data blending of data from Cloud Spanner and other data sources via Zoomdata Fusion.

    Zoomdata for PostgreSQL

    Zoomdata Smart Connector for PostgreSQL is optimized to take full advantage of the powerful, object-relational database system. Users can now easily connect to and quickly visualize and explore data from PostgreSQL running on GCP.

    Spark SQL, Hive and Hadoop for Google Cloud Platform

    Designed for the business users -- not just data analysts – Zoomdata’s intuitive, engaging, and immersive user interface delivers powerful user experience for both touch and PC based devices.  Much like using DVR machines at homes, users can pause, play, and rewind in time the flow of data to witness the complete picture dynamically unfolding in front of their eyes.   

    Learn How To Use Zoomdata Data DVR with Google Cloud Platform

    This introductory video will demonstrate how DataDVR helps you visualize your data in Google Cloud Platform.

    Setting Up The Zoomdata Server in Google Cloud Platform

    Learn how to implement, configure, and operate Zoomdata server on Google Cloud Platform.

    1. Setup a Server in Google Cloud Platform
    2. Download the Zoomdata Server
    3. Install the Zoomdata Server in Google Cloud Platform
    4. Connect Zoomdata to Dataproc
    5. Configure Memory - The Zoomdata VM is preconfigured to support a minimum of 15GB of RAM. If your server has more than 15GB of RAM, please reference the article on how to update the RAM in your Zoomdata Server.

    Instance Configuration

    Zoomdata recommended instance types are listed below. The high-up and standard series are optimized for general purpose deployments, while the "highmem" series is optimized for memory.  If you intend to use Zoomdata’s internal Spark instance rather than an external Spark Instance, it is recommended that you us a "highmem" series.

    GCP Box Sizes

    Get the Most Out of Google Cloud with Zoomdata

    Read the datasheet and take a Zoomdata on GCP free trial 

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