Visualize Your Big Data And Modern Data With Ad Hoc Analysis And Live Dashboards From Power BI and Zoomdata

Zoomdata Integrates With Microsoft Power BI To Gain Insights From Big Data And Streaming Data Without Waiting

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“Our initiative with Power BI aims to deliver greater value to Power BI customers as big and fast data take center stage. We’re delivering on our promise to leverage our customers’ investments in big data and modern processing technologies by integrating our capabilities with BI market leaders like Microsoft to deliver the fastest visual analytics for big and fast data.”

Nick Halsey, COO, Zoomdata

The Fastest Modern Analytics Solution For Microsoft Power BI

If you’re using modern big data sources — Hadoop, data lakes, search, streaming, NoSQL and cloud-based stores  — you want to use Zoomdata with Microsoft Power BI.

Connect Natively

Explore modern data platforms designed for cost-effective and scalable storage and the processing of new data types high in volume, velocity, and variety. Connect to the broadest range of big and modern data sources including:

  • Hadoop distributions like Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR
  • Query engines including Impala, Drill, Spark SQL
  • Search-based stores such as Elasticsearch and Solr
  • Cloud-based stores including Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift
  • NoSQL and NewSQL stores such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and MemSQL

Visualize Immediately

Tackle big data workloads in use cases such as Internet of Things (IoT), cyber security, customer 360, ad technology, logistics and more -- with speed-of-thought response times. Leverage Zoomdata sharpening and micro-query technology to explore big data sets immediately without waiting for long queries to complete. Visualizations sharpen progressively as micro-queries return.

Fast Forward and Rewind

Access Zoomdata’s streaming and Data DVR capability to view live and streaming data and also rewind, pause, and fast-forward the data stream to help users identify patterns as they change over time.

Fuse All Your Data

Blend data with Zoomdata Fusion, where customers and developers can combine data from multiple sources and make it appear as a single source.

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Embed powerful analytics across multiple data sources and data types. Explore, dashboard, and interact with big data and streaming data. Combine real-time and historical data. 

Play With Our Interactive Demos

Our hosted demo environment features datasets so you can experience Zoomdata first hand. Have some fun!

Try Zoomdata

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Customers can join the beta program for a private preview today. Send an email to We will provide updated on the availability of the Power BI connector and custom visualizations to download from the Power BI partner showcase.

The integration works with the current Power BI desktop version.

The integration of Zoomdata in Power BI includes a Power BI connector to Zoomdata. With the connector, Zoomdata acts as a virtual database and the data sources it connects to appear as “tables" for Power BI. This enables Power BI native visualizations to leverage Zoomdata direct query connectivity to modern data sources.

Zoomdata visualizations are custom visualizations in Power BI. Together the visualizations and the connector deliver Zoomdata micro-queries, data sharpening, and DataDVR technologies for quick response when querying big data as well as visualizing real-time and historical data.

Zoomdata micro-services are a software solution. The micro-services bundled in the Zoomdata server use Java, PostgreSQL, and Spark. The user accesses the application with modern web browsers that support WebSockets. View detailed system requirements.


Microsoft Power BI and Zoomdata empower customers to visualize big data, real time and streaming data as well as derive business intelligence from modern data stores. Zoomdata connector to Power BI, extends reports and ad hoc analysis to 10 billion rows and beyond.


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