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It’s hard to overestimate the value of fast data visualization and analysis for business decision makers. Zoomdata's big data visualization software delivers fast, self -service, visual analytics for all business users, not just analysts and data scientists. We support a wide range of modern and traditional data sources, make it possible to easily compare real-time streaming data with historical trends, and make it easy to blend data on-the-fly from multiple sources.

What Makes Zoomdata Unique?

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visualization solutions for big and fast data. Natively architected for cloud and on-premise deployments, its modern architecture delivers interactive visual analysis of big or fast streaming data at the speed-of-thought.

With Zoomdata, big data discovery can span a data ecosystem that includes modern sources like Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, cloud data stores, search engines, SQL MPP and streaming sources, as well as traditional relational databases.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) data visualization tools place a strong emphasis on gathering and aggregating data before determining its relevance and distributing the insights. That process no longer meets the real-time needs of business, where markets change quickly and opportunities can disappear in a heartbeat. Zoomdata eliminates this need by directly querying the data where it lives and providing instant insights.

Fastest Visual Analytics

Zoomdata, the world’s fastest exploratory, interactive data analysis and visualization platform, empowers business users to see and interact with data in new ways. Its patented micro-query architecture delivers results on billions of records in seconds and gives users a single user interface for comparing up-to-the-second data with historical trends.

When working with large data data sets, the laws of physics get in the way. Processing and moving big data across the wire delivers response times measured in minutes or hours, making interactive visualization and analysis of data impractical. Instead of moving data, Zoomdata offers highly optimized integrations (Smart Connectors) for a broad range of modern and traditional data sources. This enables response times in seconds against even billions of rows of data.

Using patented Data Sharpening technology, Zoomdata renders big data into compelling visualizations and analyses -- histograms, bar charts, graphs, interactive maps, and dashboards -- at the speed of thought. With Zoomdata, you can tap directly into historical and real-time data across legacy and modern data stores.You can also embed these visualizations in other applications, infographics, and web pages.

Extremely fast data visualization also reduces the need for redundant data storage in data warehouses and marts and allows Zoomdata to run analytics at the source. It’s a huge time saver for users. In seconds, they can quickly change the direction of their analysis, rather than waiting for a traditional query to run to completion before continuing their analysis.

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Streaming Analytics

Data-driven organizations are adopting streaming data feeds as part of their business intelligence efforts so they can react to events as they happen in real-time.There is immense value in taking action based on the freshest data. You also know that the interpretation of real-time events often requires a look back in history for context. Zoomdata’s streaming architecture provides the fastest visualization experience for real-time and historical data.

Zoomdata’s Data DVR lets you visualize and interact with data in the same way you use streaming video technology to interact with live video or replay movies. Data DVR harnesses the velocity of big data with the capability to pause, rewind, replay and fast forward the data stream, helping teams identify and track anomalies that occurred five seconds ago, five minutes ago, or five days ago. Data DVR continuously computes rolling or static windows, enabling users to monitor trends across real-time and historical data streams.

Blended Data Analysis

Zoomdata Fusion enables interactive data blending and analysis across disparate data sources, bridging modern and traditional data architectures, combining real-time streams and historical data, and unifying data on premise and in the cloud.

You can enrich a real-time stream with static data from an Oracle database. Combine web analytics from Hadoop with key performance indicators from an enterprise data warehouse. Or correlate a real-time feed with historical data. Zoomdata Smart Connectors combine and analyze data from multiple sources while leaving the data in place. Best of all, a data savvy business user can fuse multiple sources without waiting for a data architect to set it up.

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Search Engine Analytics

Enterprise search engines such as Elasticsearch, Apache Solr and Cloudera Search are becoming increasingly popular choices for storing and analyzing enterprise data, especially when that data contains semi-structured or unstructured elements such as log files, documents and free text.

Zoomdata provides native Smart Connectors for these leading search engines, letting users visualize and analyze semi-structured and unstructured data in a search engine as intuitively as structured data stored in a SQL relational database. Zoomdata’s Smart Connectors use the native faceted search APIs of each search engine to take advantage of the special functionality that search provides. Users enter full-text search terms and results comes back in milliseconds.


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NoSQL Database Analytics

Pioneered by leading internet companies, NoSQL data stores overcome the limitations of traditional relational database technology for web-scale operational data. Zoomdata brings visual analytics to your NoSQL data stores like MongoDB, Cassandra, and Apache HBase. Many NoSQL data stores are open source.

Zoomdata’s native connectors for the most popular NoSQL databases provide native, high-performance visual analytics for data stored in NoSQL stores. Zoomdata is smart enough to push down whatever query processing can be done to the NoSQL source, and if the source doesn’t natively support analytic queries, Zoomdata leverages Apache Spark to supplement the capabilities of the NoSQL source.

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Modern BI and Data Visualization Platform

Zoomdata is the modern business intelligence and data visualization platform for cloud, big data, live streaming data, multisource, and embedded analytics.


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