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Cloud? On-prem? Hybrid? The good news is, you don't have to chose. Enterprises today are rapidly adopting cloud-based solutions for their big data. Whether using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS), they’re moving workloads to the cloud and generating useful data in the process. All the major cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) providers offer a variety of data management services to collect and process the data generated in the cloud.

"Analytics deployed in cloud-based systems is gaining widespread adoption...   The research data makes clear that organizations feel more comfortable implementing analytics in a private or hybrid cloud in many areas. "

Tony Cosentino, Ventana Research, "Data and Analytics in the Cloud is a Reality Today", August 2015 blog post
Zoomdata AnyCloud

But not all data is moving to the cloud. In fact, moving on-premise data assets to the cloud can be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true for on-premise big data stores. It’s  no easy feat to move an existing Hadoop cluster to the cloud, for example.

The reality is that most enterprises will have a mix of cloud-based and on-premise data. In fact even data in the cloud is likely to be spread across multiple cloud providers, creating an even more complex and potentially chaotic data environment.

Meeting the Cloud Analytics Challenge

Unfortunately, the first wave of cloud-based visual analytics solutions don’t address this challenge. SaaS BI solutions generally require moving data to the cloud, which is not a scalable approach. Further, by locking into the SaaS provider’s choice of data management, you lose the freedom to choose best-of-breed data management technology.

You could also deploy legacy BI technologies in the cloud on IaaS from AWS or Microsoft Azure. But these technologies were designed for on-premise, single-tenant operation. Forklifting them to IaaS providers is not a long-term solution. Plus, none of these solutions do big data--they’re built for small scale, structured, static data.

True Visual Analytics in the Cloud--Zoomdata AnyCloud

Zoomdata addresses these challenges head-on with the Zoomdata AnyCloud initiative. Zoomdata is available with easy one-click activations to a broad range of cloud platforms, so you can choose to deploy your visual analytics where the data is.

The key principle behind AnyCloud is that analytics should go where the data is, which is critical for scalability. Especially at the volume and velocity of big data, where moving data is costly and complicated. By enabling deployment on any cloud platform, Zoomdata is agnostic about where the data and application reside. You can deploy Zoomdata to any cloud where you have data assets. And you can deploy it on premise as well.

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