Cloud Data Sources

What is Cloud Data?

What is cloud data? It's data stored in the cloud. Businesses need somewhere to store the growing amount of data they use to operate and compete. Although the traditional data center still gobbled up 63 percent of enterprise infrastructure spending in 2016, spending on private and public cloud infrastructure continues to grow. So today, the cloud is a very popular destination for data. And, for cloud-first companies, with no data centers or legacy on-premise data storage to manage, everything goes to the cloud.

It used to be that all data was housed in on-premise file systems and relational database management systems. But over the past several years, cloud technology providers have rolled out databases hosted in the public cloud, in addition to their own cloud file systems. These file systems and databases offered by providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft free organizations from providing their own dedicated hardware for storing and processing data, while increasing their ability to scale.

Of course, organizations that store data in the cloud need to analyze it. And, they would prefer to leave it in the cloud, not bring it back on premise for analysis. That means having a cloud analytics platform, one that can handle a variety of cloud data sources without copying and moving data.

True Visual Analytics in the Cloud -- Zoomdata AnyCloud

Zoomdata addresses these challenges head-on with the Zoomdata AnyCloud initiative. Zoomdata is available with an easy, one-click activation across a variety of cloud platforms, so you can deploy your visual analytics where the data resides.

That's the key principle behind AnyCloud -- analytics should go where the data is. This is critical for scalability, especially at the volume and velocity of big data, where moving data is costly and complicated. Zoomdata is agnostic about where data and applications reside. You can deploy Zoomdata to a cloud where you have data assets or on premise.

Cloud Analytics

The Zoomdata analytics platform comes bundled with dozens of Smart Connectors, including support for the most popular data stores on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, as well as many other big data and legacy data sources. For example, if you have an Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery source, Zoomdata employs micro-queries for Data Sharpening. A streaming source displays in real time, and a search source will employ facets and free text search.

Zoomdata’s interactive visualizations have redefined the user experience for accessing, consuming, and interacting with data. A highly extensible framework supports the creation and delivery of custom charts via browsers or mobile devices.

Users interact intuitively with Zoomdata analytics software, which instantly visualizes real-time, historical, and unstructured data. Taking action has never been easier. Explore, zoom in, visualize, and create dashboards in seconds.

Zoomdata connects natively to the largest set of modern cloud data sources -- Redshift, S3, EMR, Snowflake, RDS, Kinesis, Spark, Hadoop, MapR, Elasticsearch, Teradata, NoSQL, and more. And Zoomdata's speed is unmatched as its patented technology uses the processing power of these sources.

Visual Analytics For AWS

Visual Analytics For AWS

In a 2017 survey by Kleiner Perkins, 57 percent of respondents were running applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). And another 17 percent were experimenting with AWS. It's a very popular cloud platform.

Zoomdata for AWS makes it fast and easy to connect, stream, and visually interact with big data from all of the leading AWS data stores including:

  • Amazon S3 -- object storage with a simple web service interface
  • Amazon Redshift -- a fast, fully managed data warehouse
  • Amazon Aurora -- a MySQL-compatible relational database engine
  • Amazon Kinesis -- a real-time streaming data platform

Running Zoomdata on AWS is great for customers who want the simplicity of deploying on AWS combined with the performance of Zoomdata, all managed and invoiced through a single AWS account.

Visual Analytics for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Elastic, analytical databases like the ones offered on the Google Cloud Platform have been among the most important innovations of cloud computing. Zoomdata is one of the first visualization analytics partners to offer deeply integrated and optimized support for Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Spanner, PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery, and Cloud DataProc services.

  • Google BigQuery -- fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost enterprise data warehouse for analytics
  • Google Cloud Dataproc -- an Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, and Apache Hive service
  • Google Cloud Spanner -- fully managed, mission-critical relational database service
  • PostgreSQL on GCP -- fully managed database service

Zoomdata is committed to delivering a scalable visualization solution that optimizes GCP’s core data management services, making us an ideal choice for helping business users derive value from their data workloads on Google.

Zoomdata & Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Zoomdata is a certified partner in the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft Azure customers seeking to capitalize on cloud analytics can use Azure's one-click deployment to activate the Zoomdata Server. In addition to all of the other many supported data sources, Zoomdata on Azure provides certified support for:

  • Microsoft HDInsight -- fully managed cloud Apache Hadoop offering that gives you optimized open-source analytic clusters for Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka, and Microsoft R Server.

Microsoft customers and partners seeking to deliver visual analytic solutions for big data can take advantage of Zoomdata's multi-tenant, distributed architecture to make business users more productive in leveraging actionable insights about their organization's data.

Through Azure HDInsight, Zoomdata gives data-driven enterprises business the ability to run Hadoop distributions from Cloudera or Hortonworks to access the power of self-service big data visual analytics -- no need to hire teams of dedicated business intelligence and data science experts.

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Cloud Data Sources

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