Microservices Architecture for Visual Analytics

Deliver Analytics At Scale With Microservices Architecture 

With recent advances in cloud computing, virtualization, containerization, continuous integration, and the DevOps movement, deploying software solutions today is very different from even just a few years ago. Today’s software adheres to a set of principles that can be summarized as “built like a modern distributed application.” 

microservices with connectors

Modern distributed applications are built as a set of independently deployable microservices distributed over clusters of commodity hardware. Why is this good?

  • The architecture scales, period. Add more servers as needed to meet demand.
  • It scales easily. Scale out by adding standard commodity nodes, as opposed to scaling up by adding beefier nodes.
  • It scales efficiently. Scale the granular components differently based on need, for example scaling for more users rather than more data.

Modern distributed applications also provide flexibility:

  • Flexibility of choice for deployment--deploy the same set of microservices on-premise, in the cloud, or across hybrid infrastructures
  • Flexibility for future evolution--swap out or upgrade components without affecting other components of the system
  • Flexibility for integration--embed and extend components with other services to build integrated applications

Here's How Zoomdata Uses Microservices

Zoomdata is built with all these principles in mind. If you’re building a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that includes visual analytics, using Zoomdata ensures that your application architecture delivers scalability and flexibility. Even if you’re an enterprise deploying visual analytics for internal use, these same principles apply as you deploy on a hybrid mix of cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

Zoomdata’s microservices architecture enables the software to scale out on commodity hardware. Scale out additional Zoomdata server nodes as user demand grows. Scale out additional Spark nodes as data processing demand grows. Scale out nodes of the original data sources as data volumes grow. Zoomdata is software that is even available in containerized format and is easy to deploy in the cloud, on on-premise infrastructures, or a hybrid mix of the two.

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Microservices Architecture for Visual Analytics

With a microservices architecture optimized for visual analytics, Zoomdata delivers scalability and flexibility.


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