Big Data Visualization Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards let you save, share, and communicate insights. Unlike exploratory data analysis, which helps users generate questions by revealing the depth, range, and content of their data stores, data visualization dashboards answer questions with metrics that constantly change as new data arrives. Dashboards operationalize insight. 

After configuring at least one data source, you are ready to begin visualizing your data. In Zoomdata, you have the flexibility to create a data analytics dashboard with just a single chart and then add to it as needed. Dashboards can contain multiple visualizations from multiple connections side by side.

multiple sources dashboard

You can quickly build, edit, filter, and delete dashboards; move and resize them; and then share them or integrate them within your web application. You can export a dashboard as an image or as a file configuration like JSON. You can also make multiple copies of your dashboard.

When sharing, you can make dashboards interactive or non-interactive. For an interactive dashboard, the Zoomdata radial menu is available to users for exploring the dashboard in greater detail. With the non-interactive option, the dashboard is view only.

real time sales dashboard
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Big Data Visualization Dashboard

Data visualization dashboards from Zoomdata answer questions with metrics that constantly change as new data arrives.


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