Amazon Redshift Analytics & Visualization

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Zoomdata & Amazon Redshift

Zoomdata is an excellent choice for visual exploration of data in Amazon Redshift. Using the Smart Connector for Amazon Redshift, Zoomdata pushes SQL queries to Redshift taking advantage of its fast performance and elastic scalability.

Zoomdata & AWS

Zoomdata also brings its Data Sharpening and micro-query technologies to data in Redshift to visualize billions of rows in seconds. It’s easy to launch Zoomdata in the AWS cloud, bringing analytics to where your data resides. Plus Zoomdata features integration with the full range of data services in Amazon Web Services, including Elastic Mapreduce, Aurora, Kinesis, and RDS.

One of the services that’s been on fire is Redshift – it’s the fastest-growing service in AWS, ever.

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Amazon Redshift Analytics & Visualization

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