Design Your Custom Interface. No Coding Required.

Custom Big Data Analytics Interface

Custom Big Data Analytics Interface

We built the client side of Zoomdata using highly flexible, modern web technologies including HTML5, Javascript, WebSockets, and support for CSS. These technologies are compatible with the widest set of user environments--from web browsers to touch-oriented mobile devices. 

While we strive to provide an intuitive, inviting UI that is well suited to business and less technical users, you can also customize the UI, effectively white labeling the out-of-the-box interface without writing code.

Use configuration settings to display your corporate logo, change the application title, display a custom login screen, add a custom header and footer, and modify icons and artwork. You can also customize the help menu with your site-specific content. You can even upload your own CSS file for more granular control of UI look and feel.

And if you do want to use Javascript code and standard web technologies to fully customize the application, you can do so with the Zoomdata Javascript SDK.

Custom Big Data Analytics Interface
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Custom Big Data Analytics Interface

Use Zoomdata's configuration settings to create your own custom big data analytics interface. Learn more today!


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