Data Visualization Security

Insecure About Your Data? We've Got You Covered.

Data security is critical for any analytics solution. Businesses need the flexibility to allow business users to explore data, while maintaining strict security governing data access. Zoomdata provides robust data visualization security, ensuring proper authentication, authorization, and auditing of the visual analytics environment.

row and column security

One of the key benefits of Zoomdata is its ability to query directly from a data source, eliminating the need to take custody of or duplicate the data in a proprietary database. This not only achieves big data scalability, but also reduces data security risks. Embedded Zoomdata visualizations integrate with the same security model as the Zoomdata server. Users get a seamless experience and businesses get peace of mind knowing their data is secure.

Zoomdata is a multi-tenant solution, with separate collections of users and groups existing within each tenant. User accounts can be created individually or imported from LDAP directory services including ActiveDirectory and OpenLDAP. You can also configure the Zoomdata Server to use one of these LDAP services to authenticate users who login to Zoomdata.

Zoomdata also supports single sign-­on (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), a secure, XML­-based communication standard for authenticating identities between organizations, applications, and services.

Once Zoomdata authenticates users, it provides fine-grained authorization over application functionality and data access. Roles assign privileges to users and groups, controlling application functions such as the ability to modify calculations or save and share dashboards. Roles also control access to underlying data. You can specify which sources users are permitted to see, down to per-column access within a single table. Zoomdata also supports row-based security by assigning a filter to each user or group, which controls the data each user is allowed to see.

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Data Visualization Security

Get peace of mind knowing your data is secure with Zoomdata's robust security for data visualization.


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