Embedded Dashboards for Big Data Users

Zoomdata wants to empower the broadest range of big data users. Visually interacting with data should be easy for regular people, not just analysts or data scientists. That’s why Zoomdata’s out-of-the-box user interface is streamlined and simple to use. It’s not cluttered with lots of menus, toolbars, panels, and right-click mouse options. It features a human-centered design that unifies the big data user experience across web and touch screens. Instead of having to memorize menu items and keystrokes, you literally touch your data to interact with it.  

I always hope for products like this because they just change everything. Weather forecasting, which has its own complex data, is taken for granted in visual format. Analytics should all be 'as easy at the weather'.

Megan Smith United States CTO

Users are accustomed to consumer applications with interactive data capabilities.  So the overall Zoomdata experience feels like an app, not like a BI tool. Visual-first design invites users to interact with their data by prioritizing visualizations over data controls. A good example of visual-first design is Zoomdata’s radial menu.

The radial menu Zoomdata allows users to zoom or drill-down, filter, and get to the data details in a single click. But it does not appear as a control to users until they click or touch on a data point. By not revealing this very powerful feature until it’s useful, we reduce the clutter that normally distracts novice users in traditional applications. Controls and workspaces are always secondary to the data.

Radial menu

We’ve built this feature as well as all of the others in the front-end with the same tools that today’s web developers leverage. We’ve used standard libraries that include things like websockets to support efficient data pushes and D3 and canvas libraries for interactive chart types. Moreover, we’ve used responsive design for all Zoomdata UI features so we support interactions on mobile devices just as easily as laptops and desktops.

In addition, all front-end controls in Zoomdata are available through published APIs. Any web developer in your organization can code a custom user interface on top of Zoomdata’s capabilities, including the option of calling just the data, use our data query API for calculations, or feature embedded dashboards in your applications.

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Embedded Dashboards for Big Data Users

Visually interacting with big data should be easy for all users. With Zoomdata's clean interface and embedded dashboards, it finally is.


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