Exploratory Data Analysis & Discovery

Exploratory Big Data Analysis & Discovery

Big data is a big world--and the key to that world is data visualization. It holds the key to innovation and competitive differentiation for companies large and small. We built Zoomdata to enable the broadest range of users to explore that world. Robust enough for data scientists and business analysts, Zoomdata empowers knowledge workers at every level of an organization.

Big data discovery is the next level of self-service analytics that business users will leverage to explore big data sources without support from a data scientist.

Joao Tapadinhas, Leverage Big Data Discovery to Simplify Analytics on Big Data

Zoomdata supports a wide spectrum of data visualization -- from exploratory data analysis to dashboarding to embedded visual analytics. Exploratory data analysis helps users navigate data without a specific question in mind, formulate hypotheses and discover what the data is able to tell us. Dashboarding frames and communicates operational insight. And any application supporting a business process can be enhanced with embedded visual analytics.

Zoomdata’s self-service, interactive visualization engine drives the entire spectrum -- with no waiting for IT.

Interactive Visualizations

The way to learn the most from data exploration is to shape and interact with data in real time. Learn how Zoomdata interactive visualizations shorten the learning curve from data to insight.

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Dashboards provide a means for sharing the insights of big data discovery and monitoring those insights on a repeatable basis. Zoomdata users easily create dashboards combining multiple data sources and share them with the rest of the enterprise.

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Self-Service Analytics

The world of business moves too fast for decision makers to wait for someone else to analyze data that is essential for strategic and tactical planning. Learn more about self-service analytics with Zoomdata.

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User Experience/Design

Most BI technologies are tools or workbenches that require extensive training before users can perform even rudimentary analysis. Not Zoomdata. Learn how we’ve put the user first in designing our user interface.

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Exploratory Data Analysis & Discovery

Zoomdata enables the broadest range of users to perform exploratory data analysis and big data discovery.


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