Fast Data Sharpening & Visualization

See Your Data Unfold Before Your Eyes

Unique to Zoomdata, Data Sharpening is Zoomdata’s patented technique for delivering fast visualization of large volumes of data -- literally in seconds. Conceptually, Data Sharpening is similar to the way large image files or streaming video files display in a browser. When you start to load the image file, you see a blurry approximation of the image. But as the file loads in the background, the image sharpens until the entire image eventually comes into clear focus. 

Data Sharpening brings that same experience to data visualization. When a user creates or modifies a chart, Zoomdata immediately displays a partial or approximate rendering of the data. Zoomdata continuously updates the chart with more and more data until the fully sharpened result is available.

Even more significant, while the visualization sharpens before the user’s eyes, the user can still interact with it, zooming into more detail or launching a follow up question -- without having to wait for the entire query to come back. Users can continue their big data exploration at the speed of thought, without waiting for long-running queries over billions of rows of data.

How does it do that?

When the user interacts with a chart, Zoomdata takes that single logical query defined by the chart and turns it into a set of micro-queries. Micro-queries are smaller queries sent to the source and executed in parallel. Each of them executes in much less time than would the original large query.

When the results from the first micro-query return from the source, Zoomdata immediately displays that result data to the user as an approximation of the final visualization. As the rest of the micro-queries complete, Zoomdata’s streaming architecture updates the visualization with new data, revealing increasingly better and more accurate approximations of the final result until the full result set comes into focus. Zoomdata assembles the multiple result streams from the micro-queries to answer the user’s question, while giving accelerated query response time to the user.

Data Sharpening demonstrates the benefits of Zoomdata’s streaming architecture. Only a streaming architecture can push query results from the source to the user while successively improving visual approximations with Data Sharpening.

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Fast Data Sharpening & Visualization

Data Sharpening is Zoomdata’s patented technique for delivering fast visualization of large volumes of data. Learn more today!


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