Most of today's business intelligence (BI) tools evolved in a world dominated by relational databases and CSV files. So they're not suited to modern data architectures. They were not designed for visualizing big data.

Querying big data sources as if they were relational tables results in slow performance and limited functionality. As data volumes grow, these problems worsen because legacy tools don't scale well.

Built For Big Data Sources

Zoomdata excels as a Hadoop data visualization tool and can connect directly to HDFS as well as to SQL-on-Hadoop technologies such as Impala, Hive, SparkSQL, Presto and more. It also connects to big data sources like search, streaming, and NoSQL via smart connectors—unique data processing frameworks developed on native API's. Beyond that, as users interact with data visualizations, Zoomdata takes the query to the data using patented micro-queries. This is critical for achieving scalability. We don't build cubes and lenses or move data to another data store.

Of course, modern data architecture includes traditional sources as well. With Zoomdata Fusion, you can combine data from multiple sources—making it appear as a single source. You can enrich Big Data with master data from relational sources or flat files. And correlate real-time and historical data. You can also correlate it with data from cloud applications including Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo, Zendesk, and SendGrid.

At the core of Zoomdata's big data visualization capabilities is a streaming architecture that lets users access their data as fast streams. Data streams from the source to the user through our stream processing engine and a WebSockets connection.

Streaming delivers the fastest user experience for real-time and historical data, as can be seen through Data Sharpening. As soon as a user creates a visualization, Zoomdata instantly streams an initial result set. The visualization “sharpens” with data updates as the rest of the query completes and becomes available. Users can act without waiting.

As you look under the hood of Zoomdata, you'll see how we leverage Spark, Impala, Kudu, and other technologies for hyperscale performance.



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Zoomdata is designed for visualizing big data and excels as a Hadoop visualization tool. See for yourself!


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