Interactive Big Data Visualization

Interact With Your Data

Zoomdata supports interactive data visualization at any scale—from thousands to millions or even billions of records. Its stream processing architecture fuses multiple data sources and performs continuous calculations to dynamically feed interactive visualizations, which enable project teams to explore and analyze their data in hours rather than weeks. Users can interact with visualizations on the fly using Zoomdata's intuitive controls, eliminating the need to re-query the original data source.

Drag and Drop Attributes

Users can drag, drop or swipe to switch between attributes and metrics while seeing the results instantaneously. Easily change grouping attributes to ask a new question. View customers by geography, revenue potential, industry, or any relevant category.

Change group

Visual Filtering

Apply filtering to any data set. For example, show only sales data from one product out of a group. Use one visualization to filter another. Update filters on one chart by dragging a state from another chart or selecting filters to apply to different visualizations. 

Charter Filter

Intuitive Time Controls

Compare current data to different time periods. Just like a DVR, users can interact with a time bar to replay visualizations up to the live point, switching between historical and real-time data streams.

DVR Scrub

Zoom In

Highlight anomalies in the data. Zoom into greater detail on any data point. 

Zoom and Trend


Add calculations to create new KPIs. Define new calculations based on the available metrics. Define Window and Table metrics such as moving averages and cumulative totals. Apply filtering criteria only to specific metrics.

Calculator Edition

With Zoomdata’s flexibility, you can combine all these features to explore data in a “stream of consciousness”--launching new queries at the speed of thought.

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Interactive Big Data Visualization

Zoomdata supports interactive data visualization at any scale, from thousands to millions or even billions of records.


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