Data DVR is another reason why Zoomdata is great for visualizing big data--especially streaming data. Traditionally, organizations have used different tools and techniques for real-time data visualization versus historical data analysis. The Zoomdata Data DVR unifies these techniques in a single user experience. It brings a streaming video paradigm to streaming data. And it makes streaming data accessible to business users through this familiar model. 

Working with real-time streaming data demands a different approach than querying historical data, such as monitoring updates pushed to the user interface.
As the name implies, Data DVR operates like the DVR (digital video recorder) you use to watch and record a stream of live television. It has similar controls so rather than simply monitoring real-time data, you can can pause, rewind, and replay real-time streaming data. 

In addition, Data DVR’s time controls function the same way for historical data replayed as a stream. Users can transition seamlessly from real-time monitoring to historical analysis, just by expanding the time bar.

The time controls let you choose the time period to display for a data set. You can adjust the time for a visualization using the time slider. Simply expand the time window from monitoring the live feed to a longer time horizon to analyze the full history. To see changes reflected in your chart or graph, you simply scroll forward or backward in time. You can also change the speed at which a visualization progresses, every second, every minute, every hour or every day.

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Data DVR by Zoomdata is great for streaming data, making real-time visualization accessible across business users.


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