Eliminating the need for top-down data modeling and ETL, Zoomdata brings the power of self-service BI to the 99%—the non-data geeks of the world who thirst for a simple, intuitive, and collaborative way to visually interact with data to solve business problems. With its transformative technology, Zoomdata brings self-service business intelligence and analytics to a wide range of mobile, touch, and legacy devices.

Zoomdata brings the critical performance and ease-of-use to big data discovery for actual humans. Traditional BI tools are terrible at performance when you get past the terabyte range.

Mike Olson, TechRepublic*


The typical enterprise today deals with a combination of big data, relational data, real-time data and historical data—deployed on-premise and across a combination of public and private clouds. Analytics using multiple data sources and structures has become the norm. But this trend challenges businesses to tap into their data assets without incurring significant engineering and infrastructure costs. At the same time, they want to speed time to insight by removing IT as the barrier to streamlined data access--without losing control of their data.

Self-Service Analytics

Zoomdata self-service analytics achieves this for the full range of data visualization, from exploratory data analysis to dashboarding. Zoomdata’s self-service, interactive visualization engine drives both--no waiting for IT. Business users easily access Zoomdata via a browser, connect to their data and begin visually consuming it.

Self Service Analytics

Yet Zoomdata’s approach also balances the convenience of self-service with the security and governance required by the enterprise. Zoomdata queries data where it lives, so security rules and audit trails apply to all self-service access. There are no extracts to cubes or proprietary data stores to wreak havoc on data governance efforts.

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