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Self-Service BI and Analytics for Big Data

The world of business moves too fast for decision makers to wait for someone else to analyze data that's essential for strategic and tactical planning. Eliminating the need for top-down data modeling and ETL, Zoomdata brings the power of self-service business intelligence to the 99 percent -- the non-data geeks of the world -- end users who thirst for a simple, intuitive, and collaborative way to visually interact with data to solve business problems. With self-service BI, business users have the tools they need to analyze business data, without the need for data architects and data scientists. With its transformative technology, Zoomdata brings business intelligence and analytics to a wide range of mobile, touch, and legacy devices.

Zoomdata brings the critical performance and ease-of-use to big data discovery for actual humans. Traditional BI tools are terrible at performance when you get past the terabyte range.

Mike Olson, TechRepublic

The typical enterprise today deals with a combination of relational data in data warehouses, real-time data and historical data -- deployed on premise and across a combination of public and private clouds in frameworks like Hadoop. Analytics using multiple data sources and structures has become the norm. But this trend challenges organizations and business users to analyze their data assets without incurring significant engineering and infrastructure costs. At the same time, they want to speed time to insight by removing IT backlogs as a barrier to streamlined data access — without losing control of their data.

How Zoomdata Does Self-Service Analytics

Zoomdata supports a wide spectrum of data visualization for business intelligence -- from exploratory data analysis and dashboarding to embedded visual analytics. Exploratory data analysis helps analysts navigate data without a specific question in mind, formulate hypotheses and discover what the data can tell them. Dashboarding and reporting frames and communicates operational insight, such as KPIs and predictive metrics. And any application supporting a business process can be enhanced with embedded analytics that serve end users.

Zoomdata’s self-service, interactive visualization engine drives the entire spectrum -- with no IT bottleneck.

Ask anyone in IT about self-service data discovery and analytics and you’re likely to see a grimace in response. Sure, self-service tools shorten the IT queue for analytics requests. But, they can create a mess that IT has to clean up. On the other hand, a tightly governed analytics environment would benefit from more self-service capabilities.


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Interactive Visualizations

The way data scientists learn the most from data exploration is by shaping and interacting with data in real time. Learn how Zoomdata interactive visualizations shorten the learning curve from data to insight.

Interactive Visualizations


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Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards let analysts save, share, and communicate insights. Unlike exploratory data analysis, which helps users generate questions by revealing the depth, range, and content of their data stores, data visualization dashboards answer questions with metrics that constantly change as new data arrives. They operationalize self-service reporting and insight.

After configuring at least one data source, you're ready to begin visualizing your data. In Zoomdata, you have the flexible capability to create data analytics that contain just a single chart and add to it as needed. Dashboards can hold multiple visualizations from multiple connections side by side.

You can quickly build, edit, filter, and delete dashboards; move and resize them; and share them or integrate them within your web application. You can export a dashboard as an image or as a file configuration like JSON, and make multiple copies.

When sharing, you can make dashboards interactive or non-interactive. For an interactive dashboard, the Zoomdata radial menu is available to users for exploring the dashboard in greater detail. With the non-interactive option, the dashboard is view only.


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Real Time Dashboards

User Experience/Design

Most BI technologies are tools or workbenches that require extensive training before users can perform even rudimentary analysis. Not Zoomdata. Learn how we’ve put the user first in designing our user interface.

User Experience/Design


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Self-Service BI & Analytics

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