The Zoomdata Chart Studio is a robust JavaScript editor that enables you to create your own custom visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as D3, Leaflet, NVDS, and more. You can also plug in your own libraries. Zoomdata offers standard chart templates to build from, or you can start from scratch.

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The templates that you create or modify using the visualization API in Zoomdata Chart Studio can be used either in Zoomdata or in your own website or web-based application.

JavaScript SDK and Visualization API

With the JavaScript SDK, you can integrate Zoomdata charts in your own web pages and web apps. It allows you to:

  • Embed a chart in a web page
  • Create HTML-based controls for it
  • Use one chart to control the data presented in another
  • Resize charts dynamically
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With the tools provided in the SDK, together with knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can build attractive dashboards displaying Zoomdata charts in your web pages.

The Visualization API helps you to:

  • Modify existing chart templates
  • Develop custom chart templates

Although any user with administrator credentials can access this program, we designed Chart Studio for use by experienced developers with knowledge of JavaScript.


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Custom Visualizations & Charts

Create your own custom visualizations, charts, and graphs with the Zoomdata Chart Studio and make your big data beautiful.


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