Custom Visualizations and Data Connectors

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Analysts and general users of business intelligence (BI) often have a very limited palette of visualizations and data sources from which to choose. This limits insight and data discovery, which in turn can leave executives without the information they need to make sound operational decisions. To extract the most operational value out of big data, analytics software needs the flexibility to offer bespoke visualizations and connect to a wide range of data sources.

This flexibility is exactly what the Zoomdata SDK provides. It allows you to extend the Zoomdata analytics server to fit your own needs for analysis and insight. You can:

  • Create a custom, interactive data visualization to use in Zoomdata or in a dashboard, web app or business intelligence solution
  • Help business access self-service data analysis and discovery across diverse data sets
  • Create a custom data source connector for homegrown or emerging sources not supported by Zoomdata out-of-the-box

Custom Visualizations

The Zoomdata Chart Studio is a robust, visual JavaScript editor that enables you to create your own custom data visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as D3, Leaflet, NVDS, and more. You can also plug in your own libraries. Zoomdata software offers standard chart templates to build from, or you can start from scratch.

The templates that you create or modify using the visualization API in Zoomdata Chart Studio can be used in Zoomdata or embedded in your own website, web-based application, or dashboard.

The visualization API helps you:

  • Modify existing chart templates
  • Develop custom chart templates

Although any user with administrator credentials can access the SDK, we designed Chart Studio for use by experienced developers with knowledge of JavaScript.

Custom Visualizations

Custom Data Source Connectors

Zoomdata supports the industry’s broadest range of modern data sources designed for big, streaming and unstructured data, as well as traditional SQL relational databases. We keep up to date with new sources as they gain adoption within organizations for their BI and visual analytics requirements.

However, on occasion organizations may find they need to connect to a source not currently supported by Zoomdata, for example a homegrown application, or a new or emerging data platform.

Zoomdata has you covered. The Zoomdata SDK includes the ability for developers to build their own custom Zoomdata Smart Connector. This is an advanced data preparation capability and we recommend you contact Zoomdata for advice and assistance in developing your custom connector.

Custom Data Source Connectors
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Custom Visualizations and Data Connectors

Create your own custom visualizations, charts, and graphs with the Zoomdata Chart Studio and make your big data beautiful.


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