New to Big Data Visual Analytics, or to Zoomdata? No worries! Test Zoomdata in the AWS cloud environment and we’ll cover your AWS bill.  

We are offering a $500 AWS EC2 credit together with the Zoomdata 30-day free trial. To get the credit, you must be qualified. 

Trying us on AWS is the simplest and fastest way to test drive your big data and streaming analytics use case. 

Zoomdata connects natively to the largest set of modern data sources - Redshift, S3, EMR, Snowflake, RDS, Kinesis, Spark, Hadoop, MapR, Elastic, Teradata, and NoSQL. Users interact intuitively with Zoomdata which instantly visualizes real time, historic, and unstructured data. 


    Zoomdata’s Amazon Redshift Smart Connector

    Zoomdata’s Amazon Redshift Smart Connector leverages micro-queries to deliver an interactive, big data experience for both historical and real time data streams. With just a few clicks, Zoomdata makes it easy to connect to your data.   

    Zoomdata Premium Support

    Whether in trial or production, we know how important your experience is, so we’ve included premium support at no extra charge. Sign up for support when you launch your Zoomdata instance.



    Zoomdata reserves the right to set the qualification criteria based on the information you share with our customer success representative. Students are not qualified for AWS credits, per AWS rules and regulations with their partners. A Zoomdata customer success representative will contact you shortly to determine your qualification and at that time may provide you with a code for EC2 credits.

    What Zoomdata on AWS Customers Have To Say

    We deployed Zoomdata via the AWS Marketplace and setup an automated process that extracted data from G Suite, and loaded it into Spark. With Zoomdata we doubled our throughout and provided our internal users with cool features like dynamically filter the stream and change the aggregation level, as well as pause, rewind, and replay the stream. It’s pretty amazing.

    Jason Holloway, Solution Architect, Rackspace

    We built a data lake on AWS and chose Zoomdata visual analytics to help transform that data  into insights and actions for our customers. Unlike other modern BI tools, Zoomdata’s unique Data Sharpening and Fusion features help us deliver on data freshness promise to our customers which in turn helps them with selection, retention and performance of guests, employees and franchisees.

    Jim Melvin, CEO and Co-founder GuestDNA

    The appeal of Zoomdata on AWS is how quickly it lets us create a cloud-based ecosystem with flexible, scalable storage and compute capability, with a range of data management analytic tools. In fact, we were able to activate a Zoomdata instance, and connect it to Redshift within 15 minutes.