Life is complicated, people. Remember when you were little and if you were curious about something, you could just go to the library, and even join in on story time while you were there? It was a simpler time, but today, most information is stored digitally, and you’re probably trying to decide where you should keep it and how you can use it to answer questions.

How will you ever arrive at such a decision? Luckily, we put together a splendid story book all about this topic, and it’ll guide you through the considerations you’ll need to make, plus allow you to join in on story time again.

Quick overview of what you’ll get out of it:

  • How legacy storage has evolved and why it matters
  • Why defining the questions you want answered and who’ll be asking them is key
  • What to consider when looking at analytics products

Get to it! Fill out the form and enjoy a complimentary eBook: Darwin Goes to the Library –Selecting the Right Data Store.