By 2021, Gartner believes that 75-percent of prebuilt reports will be replaced with or augmented by automated insights delivered on a "most needed" basis. In this way, the reach and relevance of analysis will expand across the organization. Gartner shares the following key findings:

  • Analysis will become increasingly embedded in processes, devices and applications; it will therefore be both more pervasive and less visible — flipping the burden of prompting its use from the user to the machine.
  • Augmented analytics will enable easier interactions with analytic tools by pushing more of the complex analytics workload away from the user and over to the machine.
  • The shortage of data scientists will gradually cease to be a constraint as a variety of automation and people-centric innovations reduce the need for high-end specialists.

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Gartner Predicts 2018: Analytics and BI Strategy, Gareth Herschel, Alexander Linden, Rita L. Sallam, Svetlana Sicular, Jim Hare, Jorgen Heizenberg, Erick Brethenoux, Douglas Laney, 26 March 2018