According to leading analysts, today’s most successful companies are data-driven, making informed decisions instead of guesses based on gut feel. For software companies, that means meeting end-user expectations by infusing compelling data visualizations and analytics into every application you create and sell.

If you’re a CTO, product manager, or software engineering leader, you may be curious about whether to build or buy an integrated analytics solution, how to evaluate the available offerings for embedded analytics, and how to most efficiently embed data visualization and analytics into your product. 

In this webcast, hear from robotic process automation company Automation Anywhere on:


  • Assessing the current state of your application’s integrated analytics
  • Approaching the build vs. buy decision
  • Styles of embedding, from light to deep
  • Considerations for deployment flexibility
  • Security integration considerations
  • Avoiding data storage platform lock-in
  • Considerations for analytics on real-time streaming data

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