But don't worry! We can teach you some basics in six quick lessons. Schedule these half-hour webinars between meetings. We'll use about twenty minutes for a brief presentation and demo and finish with about ten minutes of your Q&A. Register for all six above, or pick which ones you want to register for below!

Lesson 1:
Big Data Exploration

Start with the 1-2-3's of Big Data:

  1. Using modern data platforms
  2. Making sense of massive volumes of data
  3. End-user adoption


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Lesson 2:
Real Time Data Visualization

Understanding live data that streams at you constantly is extremely difficult and can be enormously expensive if you don't know how to do it. We'll show you how we do it, and show off our Data DVR so you never miss a byte.

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Lesson 3:
Multi-Source Analysis

Your organization invests in many data technologies. With multi-source analysis, you don't just use them, you leverage them for a complete picture of your full business.

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Lesson 4:
Search Data

You're in for a treat when you first learn about Search Data. Think of it as a mashup of Google and your traditional BI tool. You could use this technology to learn more from customer surveys, performance reviews, or anything else that has an open text field.

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Lesson 5:
Embedded Analytics

Join us to learn how everything we offer is available for your organization to embed, customize, extend, and white label as your own. We know it's Zoomdata under the covers. But your customers don't need to know.

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Lesson 6:
Data Security

Exploring big data, live data, and unstructured text fields is exciting to a business analyst, but can generate significant anxiety for the data protection officer. Learn how to open up data to those who need it and protect what needs protecting.

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