By embedding BI directly into the software, it gives users a visual roadmap to uncover insights - data is presented in the right place for the right people to find, with the right visual cues. But it is a challenge to deliver this with more and more data and a wider variety of modern technologies to store and process new data types.

This practical book is for software developers, product managers, and vendors that need to make visualization and analytics a seamlessly integrated part of the applications they deliver on modern data platforms.

Read the book to:

  • Learn the impact of trends driving embedded analytics
  • Review examples of big data applications and their analytics requirements in retail, direct service, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and logistics
  • Explore requirements for embedding visual analytics in modern data environments, including collection, storage, retrieval, data models, speed, microservices, parallelism and interactivity
  • Take a deep dive into the characteristics of effective visual analytics and criteria for evaluating modern embedded analytics tools
  • Use a self-assessment rating chart to determine the value of your organization’s BI in the modern data setting

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