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Taking Complexity Out of Data Science with AWS and Zoomdata

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Zoomdata helps you find quick and easy solutions for even the most complicated Big Data challenges. To meet their Big Data challenges, Blue Canopy designed an AWS-based Data Science Workstation (DSWS) with Zoomdata’s blazingly fast and secure data analysis and visualization platform. Blue Canopy provides information technology and cyber security solutions to US government and commercial enterprise. They needed a solution that can expand the depth and breadth of analytics capabilities for big data projects for federal and commercial customers. They built a Data Science Workstation, which is a self-provisioned tool on AWS, that delivers on-demand services for data analysts. 


Join us to:

  • Learn how Blue Canopy built a cloud-based Data Science Workstation
  • See examples of both federal and commercial customers benefiting from an on-demand data analytics tool
  • See the Data Science Workstation in action


  • AWS:  Paul Sears, Solutions Architect
  • Zoomdata:  Russ Consentino, Co-founder and VP of Channels
  • Customer:  Jim McGinn, Sr. Director of Cloud & Big Data Analytics, Blue Canopy

Join us and learn how to take the Complexity Out of Data Science with AWS and Zoomdata!


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Learn How Blue Canopy Built a Data Science Workstation with Zoomdata and AWS

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