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Businesses use a host of customer touch points - transactions, surveys, call center data, web forms submitted, social media, warranty metrics, and phone home logs. When connected seamlessly and analyzed effectively, such rich data sets can increase customer loyalty and revenue. Unfortunately, much of this customer-centric information is captured and retained in isolated environments.  Most companies aspire to have a complete and up-to-date view of their customers, but fail due to this disconnected data. Now with Zoomdata and Cloudera Customer Insights Solution, businesses have the  opportunity to deploy a solution that delivers a single, integrated voice of the customer.


When you hook Zoomdata up to state-of-the-art analytics databases optimized for big data — like Impala, part of the Enterprise Data Hub — the performance is really astounding.

Mike Olson, Cloudera Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer


Case in point, Markerstudy, a UK based insurance company. Prior to installing the Customer Insights Solution, they were dependent on an old RDBMS architecture that could only sample part of the entire customer data ecosystem. No single customer view was possible. Within a year of deploying Customer Insights Solution, MarkerStudy realized tremendous business benefits, including a reduction in cancellation rates by 50%, while saving more than $7.5M on fraud reduction.

Read Zoomdata CMO Nick Halsey’s blog post on Markerstudy's Customer Insights Solution providing their insurance agents with critical insights to put the right offer to right people at the right time while greatly diminishing the risk of fraud.

Markerstudy Increases Revenue and Reduces Risk With Zoomdata and Cloudera Customer Insights Solutions

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Customer Insights Solution: Predicting and Preventing Customer Churn

Retention of the high-value customers has historically been a lagging indicator. However, with more complete data and a deeper understanding of the consumer, some telcos have developed predictive capabilities that identify at-risk customers. Armed with this data, they can develop programs that engage these high-value customers and prevent them from switching to a competitor by:

  • Measuring customer acquisition rates by analyzing 100% of data - determine corresponding increase/drop in profitability and satisfaction
  • Determining churn causality factors by connecting customer behavioral data  
  • Stopping churn proactively by identifying most likely candidates

Can Big Data technologies truly boost profits and enhance customer service by providing comprehensive customer insights? Read this Customer Insights Vision blog making the case for power of new insights from new analytics fueling auto-industry insurance premium market.

Watch US Telco Using Real Time Analytics to Prevent Customer Churn

Real Time Data | Customer Loyalty & Churn | Profitable Segment | Predictive Analytics

Understanding and preventing churn requires connecting to all customer touch points - transaction data, call logs, complaints, social media engagement - to create a complete customer view in real time first. This demo then showcases how this US telco analyzes root causes of churn by discerning key behavior and customer journey, identifies customer profiles at risk accordingly, and executes plan to prevent churn proactively.

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