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Zoomdata makes it easy for non-techies to work with really big and fast data — live streaming data — so they can make better decisions faster. All kinds of companies use Zoomdata, from finance, government and healthcare to insurance, manufacturing, pharma and telco — just about any organization that wants to use data to improve performance.

After traditional BI solutions fail because the data sets are too big, too fast, or in too many places to secure and manage, leading-edge companies find just what they need with Zoomdata.

Zoomdata is great for customers looking to explore their massive datasets and get real time insights.

The performance, speed to insight, and usability of Zoomdata makes it easy for anyone in the organization to make sense of all the data they have sitting in modern and/or legacy data stores.

Michael F., Reviewer on G2 Crowd

December 2018

Modern BI

Zoomdata is visual data exploration for the modern world. It's not your traditional business intelligence tool.

It's purpose-built for the hard stuff.

Real-time data exploration, responsiveness, and user independence in an increasingly complex world.

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Use Cases

Because Zoomdata specializes in big data, streaming data, and multisource analytics, it can handle challenging use cases that traditional business intelligence simply cannot.

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Industry Solutions

Competing on data and analytics requires navigating a pretty complex and fast-moving data ecosystem.

Zoomdata adapts so you can harness the three Vs of big data: volume, velocity, and variety.

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Data Visualization Solutions

Organizations move their non-technical business analysts to Zoomdata when data grows too big, too fast, and too diverse for traditional business intelligence. 


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