Big Data and Visual Analytics Hold the Future of Telecom

Mobile telecom operators trapped in an unsustainable business model

These days when analysts talk about telecommunications companies, they’re talking about mobile services that include voice and data — with a huge emphasis on data.

According to research firm GSMA Intelligence, mobile data is poised to grow 49 percent by 2020. Yet projected revenue growth is only 2.1 percent in the same period.

And, to keep pace with demands on its networks, the mobile telecommunications industry is looking at CAPEX increases of as much as $700 billion over the next three years.

Operators need to look at finding new revenue streams for their network data. One of the first areas they need to address is the problem of revenue leakage.

Visual big data analytics for telecom revenue assurance

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As data flows through the network, not all of it is recognized, captured, and charged for. Without insight into the data, operators can’t reconcile the data flows with their billing systems. And that’s literally money left on the table—millions of dollars annually.

But telecoms often lack the ability to visually explore and interact with fresh data to extract actionable insights. Insights that can guide revenue assurance initiatives. Data is so big, generated so fast, and managed across so many disparate systems that it presents significant technical, economic, and cognitive barriers to achieving data-driven insights.

Traditional BI simply doesn’t work at the scale and speed that telecom requires.

Telecom data visualization:
The answer to stagnant growth and declining revenues

Zoomdata allows telecom operators to display visualizations across huge data sets — 20GBS per second per node — in just seconds. It enables users to drill down on the fly into the live data driving real-time visualizations. And Zoomdata’s Data Sharpening algorithms make it possible for analysts to see right away the direction a visualization is taking and change the query immediately if needed. They can also pause, rewind, and fast forward historical and real-time data streams using Zoomdata’s Data DVR.

Zoomdata’s user interface flexibility gives telcos another important advantage. Data plans vary. With the Zoomdata UI, telcos can customize an analysis for every data plan.

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