Modern BI Platform for a Modern Data World

Why Zoomdata?

Zoomdata is visual data exploration for the modern world. It's not your traditional business intelligence tool. It's purpose-built for the hard stuff: real-time data exploration, responsiveness, and user independence in an increasingly complex world. It works with today’s diverse, modern data, spanning real-world use cases in industries such as financial services, government, telco, and healthcare and pharma.


    Watch this video for a super-quick overview of Zoomdata.

    Zoomdata works especially well with big data, streaming data, and multisource analysis across disparate data systems, and provides embeddable visualizations and a platform that can be used to develop data applications. 

    Zoomdata’s modern data visualization platform:

    • Empowers all business users with a beautiful and powerful data exploration experience
    • Delivers the fastest, most responsive self-service BI available for modern data sources
    • Is easier (and therefore more cost-effective) to deploy, manage, and scale on-prem, in the cloud, and hybrid cloud
    • Reduces the risks of unintended data transformations and rogue extracts seen with traditional BI
    • Extends JavaScript APIs for web developers and data APIs for application developers

    Why Modern Data Needs Modern Business Intelligence

    Eight Reasons Why Traditional BI Doesn’t Work with Modern Data

    Eight Reasons Why Traditional BI Doesn’t Work with Modern Data

    Traditional BI vendors -- and even some “modern” BI that was designed using traditional thinking -- encourage you to extract and ingest or import data into their proprietary data management platform to boost performance. Traditional BI may offer direct-connect and push-down query as an option (so you don’t have to replicate and manage data in their silo), but you sacrifice performance and significant functionality.

    Zoomdata customers report that:

    1. Data replication is a non-starter for data compliance officers who are responsible for ensuring that proprietary data, PII, data regulated by laws such as HIPAA and GDPR, and other sensitive data is properly managed and monitored
    2. Data that is too big to move simply won’t be ingested into an “extract,” “import,” or “snapshot”
    3. Real-time streaming data doesn’t adapt to a proprietary middle tier
    4. Analysts always want their data now -- not at the next scheduled refresh
    5. Middle-tier data extracts lack the breadth (columns) and/or depth (row-level detail) that is needed for data exploration and analytics
    6. Data integrity degrades when definitions change between their source and derivative data silos; nobody likes this, especially executives
    7. Innovations from modern data platform vendors, such as inverted indices, infinite scalability, and performance enhancements, are sacrificed when you move data out of them
    8. As database vendors continue to innovate at the data layer, traditional BI platforms struggle to compete

    Traditional BI is stretched beyond its capacity. 

    Learn more about Zoomdata and we’ll help you lean into the future.

    For Data Engineers and IT:

    Learn More About Modern BI

    There’s a lot going on behind the scenes with modern BI. We’re here to make it easy for you. Harness the best of modern data platforms, architectures, and innovations to deliver the best data exploration and discovery experience.

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      For Business Users:

      Visualize Big & Streaming Data — Together

      If you’re like almost all business users, you’ve likely experienced missed opportunities -- some that you know about, and others you don’t. What if you could explore all the data that you’re authorized to work with, as it evolves in real-time, any time you want?

      Secure, self-service BI is empowering to you and profitable to your business. Big data, real-time data, and a tremendous diversity of data in the cloud and on-prem is here, and it’s not going away.

      Skip the queue

      Analyze data while it moves

      • Not only can you work with data as it streams to your dashboard in real-time, you can also pause, rewind, fast-forward, filter, slice-and-dice, calculate, and more. See how Zoomdata's Data DVR helps you understand why data moves the way it does. 

      Create cohorts on-the-fly

      • Imagine creating cohorts yourself without coding or SQL. Lightning fast Keyset Analytics is at your fingertips in the Zoomdata web application.

      Simultaneously explore quantitative and qualitative data

      • Get a much deeper understanding of your data by connecting to a search engine database like Elasticsearch, Cloudera Search, or Solr. Filter entire dashboards based on search terms and dive into unstructured comments and free-text fields.

      Extend your peripheral vision and depth perception

      • Zoomdata’s Multisource Many Ways™ approach goes beyond the join so you can see and analyze relationships across completely different systems without IT involvement or additional computing resources.

      FAQs About Modern BI and Modern Data

      A: Direct and live connect options are second-class citizens in the traditional BI world. Sometimes they’re only available for a few databases. You sacrifice basic functionality (it’s true -- see limitations for Microsoft Power BI and Sisense). Since they don’t optimize for live interactions, they can overextend the database and your network, so you take a major performance hit. Plus, their direct and live connections use basic JDBC/ODBC connectors -- you sacrifice all the rich functionality that’s only available through modern data source APIs. Zoomdata figured out how to optimize direct connections for maximum performance. Users get rich analytic functionality when working with everything from a tiny CSV file, to real-time streaming data, to a multi-petabyte Hadoop cluster.

      A: Check to see how real-time refreshes happen. If the answer is a manual or scheduled refresh of the query, that’s not going to work with big data and it’s certainly not streaming data. Zoomdata maintains its own windows to push incremental updates to dashboards as frequently as once per second. With Zoomdata, you can literally see big data move and change in real time.

      A: Connecting is the easiest part. Moving subsets of big data into a cube or proprietary database is also ridiculously easy -- it’s just an extract, after all! Interacting with arbitrarily big data is an entirely different thing -- that’s what Zoomdata figured out and what we do well.

      A: Simple lookups and mashing up small amounts of data have been around for a very long time. Because Zoomdata specializes in big data, real-time data, and modern data sources that are not SQL-native, we had to innovate beyond the join. Read about Multisource Many Ways™ to learn how Keysets Analytics and cross-source filtering can be used instead of or to complement our in-memory Data Fusion capability.

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      Modern BI Platform for a Modern Data World

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