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Integrate analytics into any application or workflow

Embedding analytics into your software application, website, or business process  reduces friction and makes people more efficient and effective at their jobs. Embedded analytics can even make people happier!  With embedded analytics, you don’t have to context-switch between applications or worry about mapping data in their application with data in other systems. It's all right at their finger tips. 

Build vs Buy in a Modern Data World

Embedded Analytics Benefits

The benefits of embedding Zoomdata analytics capabilities instead of trying to build these capabilities yourself include:

Better, Faster Insights

Zoomdata specializes in delivering high-quality analytic experiences from data that is hardest to explore

Agile Development

Accelerate time-to-market with an SDK, data access framework, and scalable microservices architecture that adapt to the needs of your evolving product line

Reduce Risk

Leverage our team of expert product management, development, quality assurance, and technical writing personnel

Minimize Costs

Reduce ongoing costs for maintenance, upgrades and, support of analytics capabilities

Invest in Your Core Competencies

Optimize opportunity costs by keeping your development and support staff focused on your core competencies

Maximize Competitive Advantage

Increase product value by delivering state-of-the-art visual analytics developed by a company whose entire business is focused on that

Programmatic Management

The Zoomdata platform provides a RESTful API that software teams can use to manage its metadata. With the Zoomdata RESTful API you can dynamically create and manage accounts, users, groups, connections, data sources, and all other metadata. The RESTful API can be used in workflows and to create what one Fortune-100 customer refers to as "Visualizations as a Service."

Zoomdata REST APIs utilize common design practices to be easily navigable by any user. The APIs are documented with Swagger, allowing for interactive experiences when conducting experimentation and testing.

Open Security Framework

Security intelligence is built into the Zoomdata platform, allowing application developers to assert application security -- what people can do -- and data security -- what people can see. [OAuth, etc.]

Web APIs for Web Developers

The Zoomdata JavaScript client library plugs seamlessly into a developer's standard library of tools. With it, you can:

  • Populate charts without having to worry about how to query back-end data platforms. You don't write SQL. You don't write to a custom API, like you might have to do with Elasticsearch. In fact, it doesn't matter where the data comes from -- Zoomdata handles connectivity and abstracts, optimizes, and optionally caches queries for you.
  • Put the chart into "live streaming" mode with simple API calls. Developers can set the incremental update rate (e.g., every minute or every few seconds) and can incorporate controls to let users turn live mode on or off.
  • Easily embed data, charts, and graphs into applications. Developers don't need to manage chart packages or dependencies. Just reference a chart by its Zoomdata descriptor. 

Data APIs for Application Developers

Some organizations may not want to use Zoomdata to visualize data, but instead use it as a high-performance data engine. That's ok with us! The Zoomdata Query Engine is high performing and highly scalable, capable of handling big data, fast data, complex data, and lots and lots of concurrent users.


Zoomdata abstracts query requests 

Application developers use the same simple query API for Elasticsearch, Impala, MongoDB, Snowflake, SQL Server, and almost anything else you use. No SQL jockeying or XML coding necessary. Zoomdata takes care of the connectivity, query optimization, and optional caching so you can focus on your beautiful application.


Zoomdata can stream data updates 

Queries can be updated in real-time with Zoomdata. Our streaming data analytics platform manages windowing, so application developers don't have to worry about expensive query refreshes or stale data. And best of all -- it's data platform agnostic!


Application developers can stream data to embedded charts

With the Zoomdata SDK, application developers can use simple JavaScript commands to embed charts and populate them with fresh streaming data -- direct from almost any source. The charts can even use "playable" mode to stream data updates from the source in near-real time.

The Future is Here: Embedded Analytics

Developing good embedded analytics, especially in the modern data world, can be a sophisticated undertaking for which many businesses lack the skills or the time. But the rewards can be big. That’s why leading-edge companies like Deloitte, PwC, ClickFox, Markerstudy, and Clearsense chose Zoomdata as their embedded analytics platform.

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Embedded Analytics & BI Platform

With Zoomdata's embedded analytics platform, integrate analytics into any application or workflow and have your data right at your fingertips.


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