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Are you done with hit-or-miss marketing?

In most organizations, information from customer touchpoints is scattered and isolated across multiple systems. It’s often stale and unactionable.

Without a unified view of fresh and accurate customer data, marketing efforts are hit or miss. The customer experience suffers. And market share erodes.Imagine having the ability to explore and visualize data from every customer touchpoint — transactional, survey, call center, web, and social media. That’s Customer360 with Zoomdata: an intuitive, user-friendly way to tap into data of any type and size.

    customer 360

    Faster customer insights. Informed actions.

    Make real-time decisions on critical issues, such as:

    • Identify key customer segments, including most and least profitable
    • Uncover new product and service opportunities
    • Measure customer acquisition rates
    • Refine targeted marketing programs for greater ROI
    • Prevent churn by identifying most at-risk customers

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    Zoomdata — A new standard for modern BI and big data analytics

    ClickFox embedded Zoomdata for customer journeys big data visualization

    Customer 360 with Zoomdata powers 21st-century marketing

    Data-driven decisions are better decisions. And data-driven marketing decisions separate the successful from the struggling.

    Customer 360 with Zoomdata helps marketers:

    Acquire and retain

    Use big data to analyze:

    • Churn
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Marketing spend
    • Pre- and post-sale sentiment

    Cross-sell and upsell

    Identify the best strategies for:

    • Next best offer
    • Smart promotion
    • Basket analysis
    • Channel optimization
    • Customer care

    Modern application architecture

    Zoomdata is the only visual analytics platform that natively connects to virtually any modern data source. So, no matter where you store your customer data, Zoomdata can connect to it with optimized Smart Data Connectors that take advantage of the unique capabilities of sources like Elasticsearch, Snowflake, Cloudera Impala, MemSQL, and much more.

    Once connected to Zoomdata for analyzing customer insights, you can:

    Analyze and visualize historical and real-time data using Zoomdata Data DVR

    Empower all users with an easy and initiative UI that supports visual data exploration

    Take advantage of push-based updates of real-time information 

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    Customer Insights Solutions & Analytics

    Zoomdata’s customer insights analytics provides a fast and intuitive way to visualize customer metrics and transform them into actionable insights.


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