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The term cyberattack or cyber attack — take your pick — describes a range of activities, from stealing protected information (like cardholder or patient data) and intellectual property to malware attacks and large-scale assaults on infrastructure. Cybersecurity is a multibillion-dollar industry.

And the war between cybersecurity professionals and cybercriminals constantly changes shape. As criminals become smarter and better equipped, security intelligence professionals must respond.

That’s why cybersecurity is becoming one of the most critical use cases for data visualization. Applied Security Visualization author Raffael Marty believes data visualization is the solution to analyzing security data in real time. We agree!


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State-of-the-art cybersecurity is a moving target

In cybersecurity, state-of-the-art systems don’t stay state-of-the-art for long. And today, cyberattacks can be launched by teenagers in their home basements or a state-sponsored team of uber hackers. It doesn’t matter. Either can bring down your business.

Although companies often spend a lot of resources preventing traffic from entering their networks, botnet attacks make clear the importance of monitoring outbound traffic. According to A10 Networks, only 10 percent of 2015 botnet attacks exceeded 50 gigabits per second in size. But the size of attacks is steadily increasing. When a massive DDoS attack hit code-hosting site Github in early 2019, traffic peaked at 1.3 terabytes per-second, setting a new record for attack size.

Whether a cyber threat is inbound or outbound, data visualization is becoming an important part of modern cybersecurity defense. Zoomdata adds in advanced visualization, situational awareness and deep link-based threat hunting to the core real-time data management and profiling strengths of modern data platforms.

Moreover, the volume and sophistication of threats are on the rise. And the threat environment has broadened, including many more vectors, not the least of which are IoT devices. Welcome to the world where your smart toaster used your home’s Wi-Fi network to place a virus on your computer that’s now vacuuming up all your financial information and sending it who-knows-where.

Cybersecurity is a boardroom issue

Cybersecurity is viewed as a cost center, not a profit center — differentiating it from many traditional business units. Yet cybersecurity is a boardroom issue at many Fortune 1000 companies. Its importance and impact go far beyond IT to span multiple roles and functions within a company.

But response to cyber threats has been hobbled by siloed cybersecurity systems, processes, and point solutions. While analysts drown in data and alerts, large breaches occur over a short period of time, leading to massive data loss. The lack of interactive, real-time data analysis and visualization makes investigation complex and slow. It can take cyber security analysts hours to investigate and act on alerts. This has led organizations to create data lakes with data from multiple cybersecurity tools and endpoints.

With a single view of threat posture, Zoomdata improves the ability for investigative analysts to monitor incidents in real time and reduces incident detection time from hours to minutes.

With Zoomdata’s big data analytics in cybersecurity capabilities, you can:

  • Accommodate newer advances in potential threat detection
  • Work with a range of organizational roles in the cybersecurity area
  • Customize views based role such as line manager, SOC analyst, and fraud investigator
  • Employ role-based access control (RBAC) and federated authentication
  • Simplify process automation in the security area
  • Move away from rule-based alerting to machine learning and deep learning for pattern detection

Zoomdata can help all your security tools work more effectively

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Cybersecurity Data Analytics & Security Intelligence

Whether a cyber threat is inbound or outbound, Zoomdata delivers data that can help your cybersecurity professionals work more effectively.


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