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Modern BI for modern data

We’re reinventing BI to adapt and flourish in a world where data keeps growing bigger, streams in real time, and is managed in powerful new systems.

The Basics

Interested in:

  • Using data to solve problems and find growth opportunities

Best relationships:

  • With forward-thinking companies

Ideal companions:

  • Cloud data warehouses
  • Big data (Hadoop)
  • Streaming data
  • Search engine databases
  • Enterprise MPP databases


  • Good-looking dashboards
  • Can blend into other apps


  • Modern microservices
  • 100% HTML5 using WebSockets

Best Qualities

  • Interactivity
  • Ease-of-use
  • Embeddability
  • Architecture

Interesting Twists

  • Multisource many ways: we can work with multiple data sources at the same time
  • Cohort and set analysis without coding or SQL
  • Interactive geospatial maps

Favorite Industries

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telco
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Government

Favorite Use Cases

  • Cybersecurity
  • Precision medicine
  • IoT Analytics
  • Customer 360

Most Important IT Trends

  • Cloud
  • IoT
  • Streaming

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What’s in your "data-ing" profile? See anything you like in ours?


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