Getting Started

The custom chart API provides developers with an interface to create interactive charts that integrate with the native Zoomdata chart controls. To get started with the custom chart API, you need to install the Zoomdata Chart CLI. The chart cli is designed to help you manage all aspects of the custom chart creation process in Zoomdata. Additionally, you need to use the credentials of a Zoomdata user with ADMIN role when configuring the chart cli.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions on getting started, visit the custom chart tutorial.

Install Zoomdata's Custom Chart CLI

npm install zoomdata-chart-cli -g

Using the Zoomdata Custom Chart CLI

  1. Configure the CLI. zd-chart config
  2. Create a new custom chart. zd-chart create - Follow the prompts and select the Blank template.
  3. zd-chart edit — On the chart selection prompt, select the newly created chart. When presented with a list of options, select Visibility and enter Yes
  4. Enable the custom chart for a source by navigating to the Sources page /zoomdata/admin.html#sources and selecting a source. Switch to the Charts->Custom tab and ensure the custom chart's checkbox is checked.
  5. Create a new dashboard with your blank custom chart. You should see a chart widget with a single Group chart picker.
  6. You are now ready to continue building out your custom chart.

Adding custom chart packages

Running zd-chart add <name> <> adds the specified custom chart to the Zoomdata server.

Work through the tutorial

It walks you through building a custom chart from scratch. Go to the tutorial.