Chart Libraries

Deprecation Notice:

With the introduction of Zoomdata 3.x, custom chart libraries have been
deprecated. Custom charts built in previous versions of Zoomdata will continue to
work upon an upgrade to 3.x.

In Zoomdata 3.x and later, the chart libraries have been replaced by installing
chart packages as dependencies via npm and using import ES2015 statements in the chart's source files. The source files
will be compiled by the build tools included with the zoomdata-chart-cli.

Chart developers have the option to include 3rd party libraries to aid with the creation of a custom chart. Zoomdata ships with a few libraries that are used by the native charts and chart developers may opt to include those in their custom charts. Additional libraries can be imported into a Zoomdata server and used across multiple custom chart.

Zoomdata charts can include libraries that work with script tags in HTML pages. Here are a few of the libraries used by the native Zoomdata charts:

Library Used For
Leaflet.js Map charts like World Map and Map Markers
Lodash.js Various utilities to structure the data passed to other charting libraries
Echarts.js Common charts like Bar, Line, and Pie charts