Custom Chart Tutorial

👋Hello! Welcome to the Zoomdata Custom Chart Tutorial. This tutorial consists of four parts that will guide you through the process of developing a new custom chart from scratch.

If you have some experience with JavaScript and you want to learn about connecting your data to charts, you are in the right place. No worries if you are not a Zoomdata expert, we ' ll walk you through things step by step.

  1. Introduction to Custom Chart Basics— Configuring the chart CLI, creating a chart with sample code, editing the chart code, and previewing the chart.
  2. Modifying Data Queries— Learn about query variables, chart defaults, previewing data, and data accessors.
  3. Working with Third-Party Libraries— Explore integrating charting libraries like D3, ECharts, and Highcharts to build dynamic charts
  4. Integrating Zoomdata Controls— Add controls found in out of the box Zoomdata charts: Axis labels/pickers, tooltips, and radial menu.