Client Instance

A client instance serves as an entry point to the Query and Embed APIs. With it, you can create and run queries as well as embed Zoomdata charts in a web application.

As of version 2.6.0 of Zoomdata, you can also use a client instance to query the metadata of a Zoomdata source. This functionality provides developers with insight as to how a Zoomdata source is configured. For example, you can query the metadata to find out what TIME fields are available for grouping or filtering or to get a list of metrics that can be used when creating queries.


import ZoomdataSDK from 'zoomdata-client';

const application = {
  host: '',
  port: 443,
  path: '/zoomdata-3',
  secure: true,

const credentials = {
  key: 'sIcbcDiO6C',

const createClientInstance = async () => {
  try {
    // create the client and store in a variable
    const client = await ZoomdataSDK.createClient({ application, credentials });      } catch (err) {

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Updated Jan 10, 2019