player {object}

The player property can be used to create streaming queries against data sources the support live data retrieval.

The player object contains the following properties:

  • speed {number}: Optional - Time interval in seconds at which to stream the data. Example: A value of 60 equals streaming at 1 minute per second
  • pauseAfterRead {boolean}: Whether to the data stream should be paused after the initial data retrieval
  • timeWindowScale {string}: Sets whether the time interval of the data stream rolls or stays pinned to its original starting point (the from property of the time object). Valid values: ROLLING, PINNED
Note: When using the 'player' property, it is required to specify the time property.


const player = {
  pauseAfterRead: true,
  timeWindowScale: 'ROLLING',
  speed: 1,

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Updated May 9, 2019