Embedded Analytics

Why Embed?

Why Embedded Analytics eBook

Yep, I’m Ready to Learn More About Why Our Business Should Embed Analytics!

BigDataZilla Attacks! Big data analytics are taking over everywhere, and it’s growing like crazy. Enterprises are collecting and analyzing data to improve services around-the-clock—the more actionable data, the more powerful a business becomes. But taming mass amounts of data is no easy feat…trying to manage a multitude of sources and draw meaningful conclusions can make any decision maker’s head spin.

This delightfully useful eBook is for software developers and IT decision makers who need an easy way to make analytics and visualizations part of their application, and want to focus on the parts of their jobs that don’t cause acute migraines.

Why Embed?

Visualization and analytics needs to be a part of almost every software application, but most software vendors don’t have the expertise and focus to do a killer job of delivering this to their customers.


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