Zoomdata and Trace3

Zoomdata: Built for Big Data Visualization

To survive, all companies need to compete on analytics. And doing that today requires navigating a complex and fast moving big data ecosystem. Zoomdata was purpose built for big data. If you’re using any of the modern big data sources—Hadoop, search, streaming, NoSQL—you want to use Zoomdata. We take advantage of their unique capabilities by connecting to them using native APIs and leveraging their source-specific functionality.

What Makes Zoomdata Different


Zoomdata lets users interact with billions of records in seconds. Dynamic visualizations appear immediately as the complete picture unfolds.


Zoomdata scales easily on commodity hardware in any environment.


Zoomdata makes it easy for SaaS developers to easily embed Zoomdata into applications. By keeping data at the source, Zoomdata inherently supports scale and security requirements.


Zoomdata enables business users to explore data with row-level security, proper authentication, and continuous auditing.

Zoomdata and Trace3 Deliver Customer Insights Solution

A Trace3 Customer Insights Solution enables businesses to thoroughly and efficiently analyze all their customer data to empower business decisions that improve customer engagement, increase purchases, maintain loyalty, and boost retention.

At Trace3, we work with businesses to help them capitalize on customer data that is collected throughout the enterprise” said Carey Moretti, Vice President of Data Intelligence “ We chose to partner with Zoomdata for their unique abilities to visualize big and streaming data as well as their vision and commitment to Trace3 and our customers to deliver products that uncover the power of Big Data.

Leveraging industry leading technology from Cloudera and Zoomdata, the Trace3 Data Intelligence team can design and deploy a powerful, modern EDH architecture specific to your business requirements with integrated, lightning fast visual analytics from Zoomdata.

A Trace3 Customer Insights Solution addresses three pain points that virtually every organization faces when trying to improve customer engagement: data siloes, incomplete understanding of customer behavior, and inconsistent metrics. With Trace3, businesses can quickly design and deploy a secure, enterprise-grade solution that delivers actionable intelligence for data-driven decisions based on 100 percent of their data.

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